Hygge Decor: Your Guide To Creating a Cozy Patio Nook

Hygge Decor: Your Guide To Creating a Cozy Patio Nook

Patio spaces are special. They're one of the first things people notice about a home or a business. Although often overlooked, they are a valuable space that inspires you to connect with the outside world and reflect. However, this kind of connection doesn't just manifest. 

With the right patio furniture and a few tweaks to your commercial outdoor space, you can create a warm, peaceful nook that draws patrons to your doorstep

How do you achieve this? We've got one word for you: hygge. 

In this patio design guide, we'll show you the ropes to creating a meaningful, hygge-inspired space your guests will enjoy spending time in. 

Hygge Decor: What is it?

For a few years now, the phrase "hygge" has been making the rounds in the décor world, but what does it mean?

Pronounced 'hoo-guh,' it is a Danish-origin concept representing a feeling of warmth, coziness, and connection. Historically, it emerged as a way of life to combat the long and gloomy Scandinavian winters. This time-honored cultural practice evolved into a global ideology centuries later. 

Today, hygge relates to an atmosphere that's:

  • Calming
  • Comforting
  • Safe

It relies on elements in the environment that gratify all five senses to inspire this sense of comfort and warmth. For example, this could mean infusing your space with a pleasing lavender aroma, warm yellow lighting, and soft rugs or bedding. 

Traditional Christmas evenings are often hygge-led. A blazing fireplace, cozy lighting, sipping hot chocolate, and wearing warm clothes all indicate a classic hygge experience. Any place that feels hygge-like is referred to as hyggekrog. 

Hygge decor doesn't have to be limited to a home. The beauty of hygge is that it transcends locations and adapts to any space. You can even incorporate Hygge Decor into your business or commercial patio space. 

One of the best ways to create a hygge-style setting is by pairing the proper furniture with the right accessories. People are drawn to places that make them feel at home. A hygge-style patio setting can significantly improve your business's curb appeal, enticing customers to visit more often.

How to Create a Hygge-Style Patio for Your Business Space

Hygge is more than just adding furniture. It's all about setting the correct tone with your furniture. Here are some ideas to make your hygge patio a hit with your guests!

Incorporate Natural Materials

Organic materials such as wood, rattan, and stone help create a rustic outdoor space that exudes hygge. Unlike palatial patio decor, hygge is about embracing simple, earthy elements. You can achieve this by adding wicker-woven pieces or sustainable patio furniture like teak. You can also elevate this nature-inspired décor by adding plants of varied sizes or a floral pergola.

Create a Focal Point With Your Furniture

Hygge is all about connection. Ensure your commercial space has a welcoming central area where people can congregate. You can achieve this with the help of furniture. Focal pieces like a coffee table or a gravestone fire table like this one are the perfect centerpiece for bringing people together. The remaining furniture items should be tightly spaced to optimize the cozy atmosphere.

Use Hygge-Style Accessories

Whatever the season, you can include key accessories into your patio space to create a delightful hygge-style outdoor ambiance. Forego cheap plastic knick-knacks, and instead, bring in cozy accessories to create a happy vibe in your commercial patio space. People are drawn to spaces that seem straight out of a cozy magazine cover, so give them that experience! 

This includes adding elements like:

  • Warm furnishings and linen
  • Fuzzy rugs, fluffy pillows, bolster pillows
  • Lace tablecloths
  • Flowy curtains to separate conversation areas
  • Wicker knick-knacks
  • Votive candles, fairy lights, lanterns

Hygge colors are typically neutral and muted. Avoid bright colors in favor of soft pastels and earthy tones. Using the right accessories will transform your outdoor space into a magical wonderland your guests won't stop talking about.

Add a Patio Fireplace

Historically, fire was the primary source of warmth and comfort. Today, you can replicate this comfort in your hygge-style patio. You can opt for a seasonal fire pit or fireplace to keep your patio area warm and toasty during the colder months. 

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Light is the key hygge design element that ties all others together. Warm lights breathe life into any space. Replace central lighting systems with ambient lighting for each individual sofa or table in your outdoor space. Alternatively, you can also use these lighting ideas:

  • Twinkling lights strung overhead in your garden or patio space
  • Floor lanterns or lamps for soft, diffused lighting
  • LED candles in varied sizes
  • Tiki torches in defined spaces

Here are some of our recommendations for creating a hygge-style commercial space with outdoor furniture:

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture for Hygge Decor 

Hygge Style Seaside Retreat: Forever Patio Hanover Seating Set

Are you looking for hygge-style furniture for your seaside café/lounge? Nothing fits the bill better than this relaxed seating set by Forever Patio. Due to their natural features, seaside environments beckon a breezy atmosphere meant for relaxation and connection. 

With this plush outdoor set, you can treat your guests to the ultimate hyggekrog and create a setting where they'll want to stay for hours. 

The seating set includes:

  • A central three-seater sofa
  • A cozy loveseat
  • A club chair
  • A coffee table

The coffee table is a focal point for good conversations and good times. This seating set is not only about appearances. It offers incredible value for money with its combination of PolyTuf™ lumber and powder-coated metal.

Its thick-gauged frame guarantees:

  • No cracking
  • No splintering
  • No warping
  • No rust

The set incorporates luxurious Sunbrella® cushions in keeping with the hygge aesthetic. The cushions are lined with soft fabric and stuffed enough to evoke a comfortable hygge sensation for relaxed evenings.

The sea air won't harm your cushions, thanks to the fabric's moisture and mildew-resistant properties. 

You can also rest assured that your furniture is protected from the sun and the salty ocean air. Instead, you can focus on creating a cozy seaside space. To improve your hygge game, add some overhead string lights and additional throw pillows to the mix. With a fire pit for cold nights and oversized planters, you can bring the comfort of home into your commercial space.

Hygge Style Alfresco Café Space: Forever Patio Carlisle Sofa Set 

Nothing says hygge like a woven sofa set with plump cushions and chairs your guests can sink into. If you're keen on creating a familiar hygge-inspired outdoor restaurant seating for your business, this sofa set is for you. 

The Forever Patio Carlisle Sofa set inspires an ultra-homey feeling with its rich and rustic wicker ensemble. 

It includes:

  • Two lounge chairs
  • One three-seater sofa
  • One woven wicker coffee table

The coffee table, made of an exquisite full-round wicker weave, centers the seating area and serves as a focal hygge point. Wicker offers a tactile connection, which is essential to the hygge experience. The beautiful sofa set and chairs create an intimate ambiance and a snug atmosphere that feels like home.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used to construct the furniture, making it sturdy and comfy. The wicker weave holds its shape well. It won't crack or split when exposed to sunlight.

The cushions are delightful, creating an inviting ambiance your guests will enjoy sinking into, and the Sunbrella® cushions are made from quick-drying fabric, which keeps mildew and moisture at bay. They can be unzipped and cleaned easily, so you don't have to worry about spills and messes. 

Hygge Style Sun Terrace: Sunset West Monterey Sofa 

Sun terraces offer the classic summer layout for hygge-themed décor. With their stone flooring, sun-dappled spaces, and rustic features, the hygge experience is a shoo-in. If you want to create a similar vibe for your business space, consider adding the Sunset West Monterey Sofa to your setting. 

Originally available in a regal brushed century pewter frame constructed with wrought iron, this gorgeous sofa set makes a calming addition to your commercial patio space. 

The set includes:

  • A Provence sofa
  • Two Provence club chairs
  • One Provence coffee table

The sofa has a Progressive Springing System for comfortable seating. It also features oversized Sunbrella™ fabric cushions, allowing guests to enjoy a cocooned space they'll want to return to. 

Its commercial-quality construction ensures your furniture will remain intact even in the face of rigors and daily use. Its powder-coated metal frame is resistant to weather and other external influences. It also uses PE resin wicker with a 3-year warranty against fading and discoloration. 

Despite its classic style, you can use this set to create a serene hygge-like space by adding features such as fuzzy blankets, cushions, and a soft rug underneath.

FAQ: Hygge Decor

What are the benefits of a hygge-style patio space?

Hygge-infused spaces are known mood-boosters, thanks to their cozy and atmospheric setting. They promote relaxation, ease tension, and contribute to feelings of contentment.

Why are hygge-style outdoor spaces popular?

The concept of hygge encourages you to slow down and enjoy life's simple pleasures. People are naturally drawn to areas that seem safe and cocoon-like. With their serene environment and positive vibes, hygge-style outdoor spaces are exactly like that. 

How do you create the perfect hygge patio space?

Many factors go into creating the ultimate hygge patio nook. Plush furniture with rustic undertones, warm and diffused lighting, lush plants, soft textures, and homey knick-knacks are among them. Warm food, beverages, and the company of loved ones enhance the utopian hygge imagery.

Key Takeaway: Creating the Ideal Hygge Decor Patio Space 

Creating a hygge-inspired patio space for your business or outdoor restaurant is a great way to connect with your patrons and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Hygge, which emphasizes coziness, comfort, and connection, can be translated into your outdoor setting by carefully choosing the right furniture and accessories.

Some key elements to consider when transforming your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation include:

  • Natural materials
  • A focal point with well-placed furniture
  • Hygge-themed accessories
  • A patio fireplace
  • Thoughtful lighting

By embracing the principles of hygge, you can turn your patio into a space your guests will love spending time in.

Modern Patio Design helps you curate an aesthetic and durable setup for your outdoor space, aligning with your business needs. Our collection ranges from outdoor sofa sets to dining sets, pool furniture, patio seating, and other commercial-quality furniture.

Contact us for more details. Our staff will gladly assist you in choosing the right outdoor furniture for your home or business.