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Sunset West La Jolla Chaise
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Sunset West Monterey Single Chaise
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Sunset West Pietra Chaise
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Chaise Lounges

Nap, Relax, Live

Think of the last time you saw a chaise lounge. Be it in a film or in real life, chances are that somebody was on it, calm and completely relaxed. Chaise lounges have become a symbol of easy living.

Spend your day sunbathing or napping, but make sure it's a Modern Patio Design chaise lounge. Here are the reasons why.

A Chaise Lounge for Every Style

Any outdoor pool or patio area needs lounge chairs to complete its look. Modern Patio Design has classic lounge chair options and modern iterations all in one collection. Why not be bold and add a stacking armless chaise to your space?

Perhaps you’d rather rely on a rattan lounge set that doesn’t call attention to itself. If you are looking for a more balanced option, then a rattan lounge with a cushion would suit you nicely. 

Figure out what ambiance you are trying to create, and we’ll show you the perfect chaise to make it possible.

Chaise Lounges Made to Last

Recreational spaces are about social interaction as much as they are about mental health. Occupying these spaces with furniture that breaks down easily will ruin the ambiance for you and your guests.

Instead, why not rely on Modern Patio Design’s weather and UV-resistant lounges? Many of them feature a fully anodized aluminum frame. 

This frame type has a protective oxide layer that resists staining. Meaning it takes twice as long as a non-anodized frame to get dirty. Now that’s low maintenance!

A Chaise Lounge Right For You

Everyone’s got their own unique taste, which is why you’ve got to consider the kind of chaise lounge that your guests would prefer. If you’re having trouble deciding, why not consult with the experts? Modern Patio Design has compiled a buyer's guide to the Most Comfortable Chaises and Outdoor Lounge Furniture that’ll help walk you through the best choices.