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Sunset West Redondo Resort King Daybed
Sale price$8,883.00
Source Furniture Breeze Daybed
Sale price$11,802.80
Source Furniture Cosmo Daybed
Sale price$5,570.00
Sunset West Miami Daybed
Sale price$3,276.30
Sunset West Milano Daybed
Sale price$3,276.30
Source Furniture Monaco Daybed
Sale price$5,821.20

Have Your Best Dream With Outdoor Daybeds

Outdoor daybeds are versatile pieces of furniture that can bring a bit of intimacy to outdoor spaces. There’s a reason why top resorts around the world line not just their rooms but even their courtyards with outdoor daybeds. 

Daybeds are versatile because they can function as places in which one can take a nap or get a full night’s rest. There are some designs that make for suitable couches and even lounges. 

Outdoor Daybeds and Their Surprising Historical Impact

Outdoor daybeds have been in use since ancient Egypt. They weren’t popular with pharaohs of the time just because of their functionality. It was the design of daybeds that had them gain such prominence. They exuded elegance and had a regal air to them.

Modern Patio Design worked hard to replicate this in their collection. With a few collection pieces sporting four side panel curtains and even a privacy panel. 

In addition to the curtains, the bed mattresses are made out of a surprisingly durable material.

What Are Outdoor Daybeds Made Of?

Above all else, outdoor daybeds should be comfortable, and while Modern Patio Design’s daybeds fill this requirement perfectly, it’s what they are made of that truly sets them apart. Their main bed cushion is a premium all-weather mattress cushion.

This mattress prevents water from seeping in and causing mold to grow. Thereby eliminating the number one problem with ordinary bed mattresses. For their frame, Modern Patio Design’s outdoor daybeds have a rust-proof aluminum frame that is also scratch-resistant.

For the Best Outdoor Daybeds

Outdoor daybeds can’t just be comfortable, they’ve also got to create an intimate setting regardless of where they might be located. In addition to that, it’s absolutely paramount that outdoor daybeds have the build quality and materials to survive in any kind of weather conditions.

This is exactly where Modern Patio Design’s collection excels: exceptional build quality. Choosing the best outdoor daybed can be difficult, which is why we’ve included a buyer’s guide to help you out.