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Cantilever Umbrellas

What Are Cantilever Umbrellas?

Cantilever Umbrellas go by many names, perhaps you’ve heard them called offset umbrellas or side-post umbrellas. Regardless of what you call them, cantilever umbrellas are big umbrellas that are held up by a supportive pole. 

This supportive pole is located to the side of the umbrella itself, giving us the term offset umbrella. Due to their design, they can only be anchored down by one singular point. Is a singular point enough to keep them stable?

No, you’ll need a strong base and structure to keep them in place. Fortunately, unlike competitors who sell both the cantilever umbrella and base separately, Modern Patio Design’s cantilever umbrellas come with the base included.

With minimal assembly required, quickly and affordably redefine your patio.

Perfect Shade With Endless Customization

Imagine resting on a chaise lounge with a book in your hand. The sun’s rays beat you down despite your efforts to avoid them. You could hold up an umbrella of your own, but everyone knows that gets tiring fast. 

This is where cantilever umbrellas come in. They provide the perfect shade without requiring any effort on your part. Anybody would appreciate offset umbrellas rather than smaller patio umbrellas that don’t cover much of anything, wouldn’t they?
Not to mention that cantilever patio umbrellas have a fantastic style to them. Hovering between elegant and trendy without veering too close to one side. Modern Patio Design’s offset patio umbrellas give you form and functionality in one value-priced package.

Cantilever Umbrellas in All Styles

How many different color and style options are available for some of Modern Patio Design’s cantilever umbrellas? If you guessed anything less than 40, you’d be wrong. You can’t redefine your space unless you have a healthy amount of options to choose from.