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Alfresco Home Newbury Cast Aluminum Deep Seating Set Alfresco Home Newbury Cast Aluminum Deep Seating Set
Alfresco Home Newbury Cast Aluminum Deep Seating Set
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Exceptional Comfort and Durability with Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture Collection

What Is Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Did you know that cast iron is so lightweight and yet durable that it’s used to construct industrial machinery and even engine blocks? Modern Patio Design sought to harness this lightweight strength and as a result, created a collection of cast aluminum patio furniture that is equal parts comforting and durable.

Cast aluminum furniture is not prone to rusting or corroding. Heavy rains and harsh UV rays also don’t have much of an effect on this furniture type. As mentioned earlier, cast aluminum furniture weighs significantly less than cast iron or wrought iron.

This furniture type was made to handle the worst conditions year round without falling apart.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture and Its Secret Weapon

Cast aluminum patio furniture’s secret weapon is its extraordinary weight-to-strength ratio. It’s what makes this furniture type so practical. You can rely on its strength while at the same time being able to move it around without throwing out your back.

Typically, low-weighing furniture rots or corrodes easily. This often results in a nightmare scenario where an unfortunate individual sits on a chair and snaps it. 

Rather than potentially humiliating your guests and ensuring they never come back, fill your commercial spaces with furniture that won’t let you or them down.

How Cast Aluminum Furniture Elevates a Commercial Space

Imagine deploying a fleet of black cast aluminum dining sets outside your restaurant. For maintenance, these dining sets would only require an occasional wipe-down with some water and a mild detergent. 

When it rains, you won’t have to scramble to get the furniture covers and set them up, as you get soaked yourself. No, with Modern Patio Design’s cast aluminum outdoor furniture, simply set up shop, and you’re good to go.

Your Top Option For Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture 

Any of Modern Patio Design’s cast aluminum outdoor sets will refurbish your space. Filling it with dependable and comfortable furniture, but which one is right for you? Our buyer’s guide can point you in the right direction.