5 Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating Ideas: Make the Most of Your Patio

5 Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating Ideas: Make the Most of Your Patio

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The old adage that “first impressions matter” applies not only to people but also to businesses and buildings. This is especially important for cities like New York, where thousands of dining places compete for customers.

How can you or your restaurant stand out from the crowd? The answer is to test some great outdoor restaurant seating ideas and implement them.

Your outdoor spaces design matters not only for attracting customers but also for their mental health! We’ll explore this later, but the studies on interior/exterior design and our mental health are quite eye-opening.

Let’s dive into some exciting outdoor restaurant seating ideas and the surprising benefits they can have for our mental health.

Outdoor Seating Ideas for Restaurant Owners

Our outdoor seating ideas can be categorized into five distinct categories. 

Below you’ll find each one alongside a complete dining set that perfectly encapsulates that style or design idea. Do keep in mind that each style gives off a certain personality so use the information below to pinpoint just what kind of an atmosphere you’re trying to establish.

1. Gothic Inspired

Pointed arches and an emphasis on verticality, Gothic architecture has been around since the Middle Ages. You can employ aspects of this architectural style in your outdoor restaurant seating to inspire awe.

That is the primary emotion that Gothic design brings about. It gives you a sense of gratitude that you are able to even walk in a space this well-designed. Having your customers get a little bit of that feeling could have a powerful effect.

Fortunately for you, Modern Patio Design has an outdoor patio set that perfectly captures the Gothic aesthetic. 

Alfresco Home Barcelona Dining Set With 48” Round Dining Table

The Alfresco Home Barcelona Dining Set With 48” Round Dining Table incorporates a key Gothic staple into its chairs and table: arches. This elegant arched design does a great job of giving off that great sense of melancholy that Gothic architecture can sometimes inspire.

This set includes:

  • Four stackable dining chairs
  • One round aluminum dining table
  • UV stabilizers included in each build

Each piece in this set is also made from cast aluminum frames. Cast aluminum frames are lightweight and yet durable, completely resistant to rust and corrosion. As a result, this durable set can be left out in the rain without issue. 

2. Classic Summer Feel

Summer is a time of vacation and fun, this easy-going nature can best be exemplified by builds that rely heavily on transitional lines and wood-focused builds. The goal of this style is to capture the feeling of a warm summer afternoon on your front porch.

This feeling is more likely to make your guests feel relaxed, which should be your ultimate goal because studies show that consumers spend more when they are relaxed. 

This is why it’s key that you utilize dining sets that showcase the two hallmarks of summer design. Such a set can be found below.

Sunset West Laguna Dining Chairs With Dining Table

Transitional lines aplenty in the Sunset West Laguna Dining Chairs With Dining Table set. The lines lend a bit of symmetry and order to the various pieces within this collection. However, the predominant design here is the driftwood finish which has been applied to every piece.

Driftwood has a unique and weathered appearance. Marked by erosion and knots, which mix well with the earthy tones of the wood itself, it’s clear that summer was the inspiration behind this design.

With this set, you’ll get:

  • Eight Laguna dining chairs
  • One Laguna dining table with a long reach
  • Completely preassembled for you to use right away

3. Sleek Modern

The key defining feature of the sleek modern design wave is clean and straight lines. Gone are the complicated arches of Gothic-inspired wares. Sleek modern adheres to the minimalist trend, opting to forgo detail in favor of simplicity.

What this style brings is a neutral color palette and a sense of sophistication. If you are trying to present your establishment as high-end, then you are going to need furniture and dining sets that exude sleek and modern.

The benefit of this style is that it presents your restaurant or patio as a serious and elegant choice. Just remember that the color palette of any piece of furniture you use must be muted.

Alfresco Home Martini 3 Piece Bistro Set w/ 27.5" Round Bistro Table

The Alfresco Home Martini 3-Piece Bistro Set offers smaller and much more compact pieces than other dining sets on this list. This is keeping in line with what sleek modern is all about which is minimalist-focused design.

In this set, the dining table does require assembly although thanks to its size, it’s no hassle at all to put together. The chairs on the other hand are completely preassembled. The durable wrought iron frames that this table and chairs are made of have a baked-in powder finish.

This powder finish prevents rust and corrosion from setting in, even when exposed to the rain! Its durable design will serve you well year-round regardless of where your restaurant may be situated.

With this set, you’ll get:

  • Two dining chairs
  • One dining table 

4. Rustic Charm

Rustic is a design style that has been in the spotlight for several years now and you can expect it to remain there for some time to come. This is because the warmth and coziness that is synonymous with this style will always be in demand.

Rustic furniture is best categorized by its distressed finishes and warm color palette, think brown, beige, and greens. There also has to be a handcrafted element or at least look to any furniture that hopes to fall under the rustic umbrella.

Modern Patio Design has a sizable dining set that captures rustic in its complete charm.

Hospitality Rattan Fiji 7 PC Side Chair Dining Set with Cushions

If you want a set with enough seating to accommodate large families then the Hospitality Rattan Fiji 7 Piece Dining Set is for you. 

With this dining set you get:

  • Six dining chairs
  • One extensive dining table
  • One tempered glass

Each piece in this set has a fully anodized aluminum frame, which is built to last in even the toughest conditions. Layered over these aluminum frames is HDPE woven fiber. It’s from these woven fibers that this dining set gets its rustic charm.

5. A Comfortable Home

Making your guests and customers feel like they are in their own homes has long been the goal of many restaurants and commercial buildings. For this style, you need a color palette that’ll go well with many different styles. 

You’re also going to want comfortable seating and a decent-sized dining table. Fortunately, Modern Patio Design has the perfect set that fills each requirement.

Hospitality Rattan Athens 5 PC Woven Armchair Dining Set With Cushions

The Hospitality Rattan Athens 5 Piece Woven Dining Set features a very compatible color palette with armchairs that anyone could sink into and enjoy their evening. Each piece in this set is made from HDPE synthetic wicker

This material is even more durable and resistant to insects and rot than natural wicker. With this set, not only is the weather not a factor but so is everything else that may compromise the structure of the chairs or table.

Included with your purchase:

  • Four easy-to-clean armchairs
  • One dining table
  • Removable cushions for storage

Why You Should Consider Different Outdoor Restaurant Seating Ideas

It may sound novel to you that environmental design can affect our mental health but the truth is that you’ve probably heard of this line of thinking before. Perhaps the most popular form of this phenomenon is called Feng Shui.

While many of Feng Shui’s concepts may be too spiritual for the modern era, its principles are still based on hard psychology. In fact, the folks over at the Mental Health Foundation found that there are many design techniques and styles that have been shown to reduce stress and even depression.

The idea here is simple, if you can arrange your commercial outdoor furniture in a way that reduces stress and anxiety - which studies say is possible - then you can bring in more customers. People will be attracted to your calming space, using it as a home away from home.

FAQs About Outdoor Restaurant Seating Ideas

Figuring out how to style your outdoor restaurant seating can be a huge time sink. This is why we’ve included some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the design and maintenance of your dining sets and outdoor furniture below. 

What Materials Are Best for Outdoor Restaurant Dining Sets?

Opt for durable materials designed for outdoor use. Common choices include powder-coated aluminum for lightweight durability, teak for natural elegance, and weather-resistant synthetic wicker for a balance of style and resilience.

How Should I Clean and Maintain My Outdoor Restaurant Furniture?

Clean furniture regularly with mild soap and water. For metal parts, apply a protective wax coating. Store or cover furniture during inclement weather to prevent damage.

Can Outdoor Restaurant Dining Sets Withstand Heavy Use and Constant Exposure?

High-quality outdoor restaurant dining sets are built to withstand heavy use and constant exposure to the elements.

Are There Specific Regulations or Standards for Outdoor Restaurant Furniture?

Compliance with local regulations, including safety and accessibility standards, is essential. Additionally, look for furniture that meets industry standards for commercial outdoor use.

Bringing Your Outdoor Restaurant Seating Ideas to Life

You can give your establishment a personality and sense of identity with the right outdoor restaurant seating ideas. Modern Patio Design offers an extensive outdoor dining collection for you to choose from.

If you need some guidance or have too many choices, contact us. Our team of experts will help you find the right path in minutes.