Buyer's Guide to Commercial Pool Furniture

Buyer's Guide to Commercial Pool Furniture

Luxurious hotels and resorts often feature exquisite poolside areas, and now you can bring that same sense of luxury to your own space. Lure in new customers and make your cash register busy by finding the ideal commercial pool furniture. Pool furniture is more than just an accent; it's a game-changer for your business. 

Here's the catch — finding the right commercial pool furniture that fits your vision and stays within your budget can seem impossible. With countless options, getting lost in a sea of choices is easy. 

Not to worry; we understand the importance of making wise investments. In this comprehensive buyer's guide for commercial pool furniture, we're here to be your trusted lifeguard. We will help you choose the perfect furniture that suits your unique needs, taste, and budget.

Buyer's Guide for Commercial Pool Furniture

Whether you're managing a resort, hotel, restaurant, or any business with a pool area, selecting the right furniture is essential. 

Here’s what you need to key into:

Durability and Materials

To ensure that commercial pool furniture is durable and can withstand the elements, it needs to face several environmental factors and challenges:




Sunlight (UV Rays)

Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fading, weakening, and deterioration of materials and fabrics.

Look for UV-resistant materials, fabrics, and finishes that endure intense sun without fading or degrading.

Water and humidity

Poolside furniture is constantly exposed to water, humidity, and even pool chemicals, which can lead to corrosion and decay.

Choose materials like aluminum, stainless steel, teak, or synthetic wicker resistant to water and chemicals. Properly sealed or finished wood can also withstand moisture

Rain and weather

Rain, storms, and fluctuating temperatures can take a toll on furniture, causing swelling, warping, and cracking.

Opt for materials like polyethylene, resin wicker, and powder-coated metals designed to endure various weather conditions. Regular maintenance, such as covering furniture during heavy rain, can extend its life.

Saltwater (for coastal areas):

In coastal areas, exposure to saltwater can accelerate corrosion and rust.

Choose materials like marine-grade stainless steel or aluminum with protective coatings, as they are more resistant to saltwater damage.


Pool chemicals, especially chlorine, can be harsh on specific materials and finishes.

Look for furniture designed explicitly for poolside use, as they often feature materials and finishes that can withstand exposure to chlorine.

Wind and storms

Strong winds during storms can lead to furniture being blown around or damaged.

Select heavier furniture or use tie-downs or weights to secure your furniture during windy conditions.

Mold and mildew

Humid and damp conditions can promote the growth of mold and mildew on furniture.

Choose materials naturally resistant to mold, such as teak or cedar. Additionally, regular cleaning and applying mold-resistant coatings can help prevent growth.

Purpose and Space Planning

First things first, consider how you plan to use your poolside space. Are you looking to create cozy lounging areas, elegant dining spots, or a combination? Take a moment to think about your specific needs.

After which, it is crucial to plan the layout of your poolside furniture carefully. Whether you're an investor eyeing various properties or a designer with a knack for small spaces, maximizing the available space is critical. Ensure your guests have a comfortable environment to relax in.

Seating Options

When it comes to seating, you've got options! Chaise lounges, lounge chairs, sofas, and lounge beds are excellent choices for poolside seating. Whether you're a property investor, hospitality designer, or restaurant owner, ensure you have enough seating to keep your guests happy and comfortable.


It doesn’t matter if you're an investor, designer, or restaurant owner, aesthetics matter. Choose commercial pool furniture that complements the design and ambiance of your pool area. Consider colors and styles that enhance your space's overall look and feel.

Save Time and Shop Online

Time is money, right? Here's a pro tip for savvy buyers: consider shopping for commercial pool furniture online.

Here’s why:

  • You can explore a wide range of options without leaving your desk or your poolside.
  • You'll have access to customer reviews and expert recommendations to make informed decisions.
  • You can compare prices, take advantage of discounts, and even discover exclusive offers.

Maintenance of Poolside Furniture

Upkeep is an integral part of business; no one likes dirty commercial pool furniture. The furniture will likely face dirt, grime, and unwanted build-up depending on how busy your poolside area is. 

To build-up your oasis to look welcoming and stay clean, here's what you need to do: 

Regular Rinsing

During peak usage, like the summer, people often use sunscreen, lotion, and other products near the pool. These substances can leave residues on your furniture. Regularly rinse your commercial pool furniture with a water hose every few days to prevent build-up.

Cleaning Routine

Clean your pool furniture weekly with a mild household cleaner to spot-clean any stains. Eraser sponges can be handy for this purpose.

Invest in Covers

Consider purchasing weatherproof covers for your commercial pool furniture. These covers protect from rain, dust, and UV rays when the furniture is. Make sure the covers fit well to prevent moisture from getting trapped inside.

Designate a Storage Area

To prevent damage, create a designated sheltered and dry storage area for your pool furniture when it's not in season or during inclement weather.

Best Commercial Pool Furniture 

Most Comfortable: The Forever Patio Universal Teak Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge

Are you dreaming of branching out and creating a welcoming environment for your customers? The Forever Patio Single Adjustable Chaise Lounge checks all the boxes to provide your patrons with style and comfort. 

Customers love relaxing by the pool or patio on these plush cushions. Quality furniture like this chaise lounge can help you stand out in a crowded market. 

Incorporating this into your new branch's decor can help you create a unique, inviting atmosphere along the poolside that sets you apart while staying within your budget. It's an investment in both style and sustainability that your customers will appreciate.

Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly — part of a replenished forestry program
  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Zinc-coated steel hardware plated in brass for corrosion resistance
  • Oven or air-dried plantation teak for moisture control
  • Fade and mildew-resistant Sunbrella fabric

Best for Boutique Hotels: Forever Patio Cypress Collection 3 Piece Wicker Chaise Lounge Set

Incorporating the Forever Patio 3-Piece Chaise Lounge Set into your design projects is guaranteed to exceed your client's expectations. This contemporary ensemble is designed to elevate the outdoor experience, offering aesthetic sophistication and exceptional comfort. With clean, sleek lines and the ability for customization, it's a versatile addition to any upscale outdoor setting.

The set includes two adjustable lounge chairs and an end table with a glass top, perfect for intimate outdoor gatherings. Besides that, the thick-gauged, powder-coated aluminum frames ensure long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for hospitality settings.

Its half-round heather wicker exudes luxury, but the customization it offers truly sets this set apart. With various options for furniture color and Sunbrella cushion fabric, you can tailor it to your client's unique style preferences. 

Key Features 

  • Powder-coated aluminum frames for long lasting durability and resistance to corrosion
  • Plush, overstuffed cushions made from quick-drying polyurethane foam wrapped in moisture and mildew-resistant dacron fibers.
  • Full-sized design
  • Removable suspension seating for additional comfort and easy cleaning.
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) infused with natural color and UV inhibitors

Best for Event Venues: Sunset West Miami Daybed 

Take your outdoor event hosting to a whole new level with the Sunset West Miami Daybed. This outdoor furniture is exactly what you need to attract a diverse crowd and make more money for your property investments. This daybed is more than just commercial pool furniture; it invites indulgence. 

The plush cushions and delicate woven patterns on this daybed scream comfort and luxury functionality, style, and comfort you need to attract a diverse crowd. The experience it offers keeps people returning for more, making it a wise investment. 

It's versatile enough to cater to various outdoor events, whether by the poolside, on a terrace, or in a garden.

Key Features

  • Sturdy construction with fully welded, powder-coated two-piece aluminum frame
  • Wrapped in weather-resistant, colorfast outdoor rope, it can withstand the elements.
  • Stocked in premium Sunbrella fabric in echo ash
  • Includes five 18" pillows for added comfort and style
  • Suitable for commercial and home use

Best in Functionality: Panama Jack 9 TT Aluminum Patio Umbrella

Elevate your outdoor spaces with the Panama Jack 9 TT Aluminum Patio Umbrella. It adds a touch of elegance and provides much-needed shade, whether at a chic rooftop bar or a peaceful garden restaurant.

This umbrella seamlessly blends style and functionality, impressing both clients and customers. Durability is crucial, especially in a bustling restaurant environment. 

Thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame and steel ribs, this umbrella can handle daily use and the occasional bump from customers and staff, saving you on replacement costs.

Key Features 

  • Easy-to-use crank operation and tilt option 
  • Available in five signature and vibrant colors (blue, teal, orange, red, and gray) 
  • Made from outdoor weather-resistant polyester fabric
  • The vented top design enhances air circulation
  • Easy to clean

Best for Commercial Spaces: Telescope Casual Marine Grade Polymer Trash/Towel Receptacle 

The Telescope Casual Marine Grade Polymer Trash/Towel Receptacle is a versatile addition to your commercial pool furniture. It can serve as a trash bin, receptacle for poolside towels, or even a recycling bin, providing practical functionality for various needs.

Providing a designated area for waste disposal keeps the pool area clean and clutter-free, enhancing the overall appeal of your property. Guests can also conveniently access fresh towels, improving their poolside experience and increasing satisfaction.

Both the aluminum frame and marine-grade polymer are impervious to water. They won't absorb fresh or saltwater, making this receptacle ideal for outdoor use, whether by the pool, on a beachfront property, or in any setting exposed to the elements. 

Key Features

  • Various frame and accent colors to match your poolside area's aesthetics
  • A 30-gallon bin offers ample storage for waste or towels
  • Crafted by Telescope Casual, a trusted US manufacturer.
  • Sturdy at 64 lbs but easy to move when needed
  • Made in USA


Can I use the same cleanser for both pool surfaces and furniture?

While some pool cleansers may work for both surfaces and commercial pool furniture, checking the product label and usage instructions is best. Using a specialized cleanser for pool furniture is a safer choice to ensure effective calcium deposit removal.

Are there any specific ergonomic features to look for in pool furniture?

Look for commercial pool furniture with lumbar support, adjustable recline options, and well-padded seating. These ergonomic elements contribute to a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

Why consider warranty and customer service for commercial pool furniture?

Warranty and customer service matter because they reflect product quality and manufacturer commitment. They ensure your investment is protected and issues are addressed promptly.


We hope you've gained valuable knowledge and insights to transform your pool area into a haven of comfort and style. Your choice of commercial pool furniture significantly creates a welcoming atmosphere for guests and patrons.

Discover the epitome of poolside luxury and relaxation with Modern Patio Design's exquisite pool furniture collection. Our handpicked selection offers an array of stylish, comfortable, and durable pieces designed to elevate your pool area. From sleek loungers for sunbathing to chic dining sets for poolside meals, explore our diverse range of commercial pool furniture to create the perfect ambiance for your business. For inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact us.