Creating a European-Style Retreat With Source Outdoor Furniture

Creating a European-Style Retreat With Source Outdoor Furniture

What's a beachfront hotel without a well-designed patio where you can enjoy the view or a sun-dappled deck where your guests can admire the surrounding scenery?

An outdoor deck makes a huge difference when it comes to lounging and relaxing at a hotel. By creating an inviting space where your guests can relax, mingle, and play, you can leverage the value of your coastal resort. 

What better way to do it than to recreate the sumptuous and relaxed themes of a European-style patio setting? No matter where your hotel is, you can transform your outdoor space into a breezy Ibiza sun terrace or a sunny bistro overlooking the Mediterranean. 

We take inspiration from high-end Source Outdoor Furniture to show you how to create a European-style oasis for your guests in this guide.

Best Picks From Source Outdoor Furniture For Your European Patio

Replicating the charm of a European-style outdoor space may seem daunting, but Source Outdoor Furniture's vast collection of luxury outdoor furniture will put your mind at ease. 

We've handpicked some of the best pieces from this collection to match the theme.

Source Furniture Dynasty Sofa

Outdoor decks are meant for lounging and sunset-watching. There's nothing more inviting than this plush sofa for your guests to engage in these activities. The Dynasty Sofa from Source is a stylish minimalist piece built with a durable aluminum frame. It is powder-coated to fend off the harsh sun.

It features clean, sleek lines and doesn't steal focus from your property's gorgeous location. Even so, its craftsmanship and premium fabric upholstery exude a luxurious air. The frame and cushions offer maximum comfort, with ample armrest support. It can comfortably accommodate up to three people. 

The best part is that you can choose the color of the furniture frame and the cushion fabric. We recommend choosing a neutral frame like white or gray and deep colors like regatta blue or mineral blue for a rich Mediterranean vibe. 

The fabric is sourced from Sunbrella, a high-end upholstery brand that remains unfazed by the blazing sun or moisture. 

Make this sofa the focal point of your resort's vista, and add a couple of club chairs at either end for a more cohesive look. 


  • Width 81.0"
  • Length 33.0"
  • Height 30.0"

Source Furniture Monaco Daybed

Transform your resort's patio into a French Riviera-style deck with this sleek Monaco Daybed from Source Furniture. Daybeds instantly elevate any space, particularly when combined with a matching cantilever umbrella or parasol. 

You can also add a set of identical day loungers near the daybed to create a luxurious Côte d'Azur-inspired space that your guests will appreciate.

This stylish daybed can become a cocoon of relaxation for your guests. It can be a place where they read, nap, and drink while enjoying the view.

The daybed is made of high-grade metal designed for outdoor use, so you won't have to worry about sun damage. An extra powder coating on the frame ensures it looks as good as new despite sun exposure.

You can customize the colors for both the upholstery and furniture frame. Choose muted colors like Dolce Oasis or Awning Sky Blue to match your upscale European motif.


  • Width 83.0"
  • Length 66.0"
  • Height 14.0"

Source Furniture Cosmo Loveseat

Bring the romance of a faraway Italian town to your resort patio with this eye-popping loveseat. Gorgeously upholstered in a criss-cross pin-striped pattern that mirrors the deep colors of the ocean, the Cosmo Loveseat can be a striking addition to your resort's patio space. 

Besides the stunning fabric, the loveseat exudes elegance with its curved club-style design and low seating profile. The wide armrests and back frame make a statement while providing utmost comfort. 

The frame is made of fully welded aluminum and has a powder-coated coating for added UV and moisture resistance. 

If you want more muted hues, you can customize the cushion fabrics. Add some bougainvillea blooms, a hanging lantern, and creeping vines for a scene straight out of Italy's Amalfi Coast. 


  • Width: 56″
  • Depth: 34″
  • Height: 31″
  • Seat Width: 40″
  • Seat Depth: 28″
  • Seat Height: 18″
  • Weight: 27 lbs.

Source Furniture Paris Dining Side Chair

Add a touch of French, bistro-style charm to your hotel's deck area. This Paris Dining Side Chair from Source Outdoor Furniture can transform your hotel or resort's sprawling outdoor space into a Parisienne-style sun terrace. 

The chair is made of genuine bamboo and lacquered with an aluminum coating for sun protection. 

However, the seat and backrest are built from resin wicker, an all-weather material that protects it from:

  • Sun and moisture damage
  • Cracking
  • Splitting
  • Fading

The chair comes in four Duraweave colors:

  • Black and white
  • Cream and chocolate
  • Espresso
  • California sand 

These high-end chairs add a touch of luxury to your European dining setup while being highly functional. Their material makes them super durable and comfortable for dining. 

A large wooden table in the center of the dining chairs will help create an understated alfresco atmosphere. Flickering candles or small table lamps, a floral centerpiece, and twinkling lights overhead will transport your guests to the quaint atmosphere of a French village.


  • Depth: 22″
  • Width: 19″
  • Height: 35″
  • Weight: 8 lbs.

Design Tips for a European-Inspired Patio

Imbuing your hotel's outdoor space with a European vibe is not as hard as it looks, provided you follow these design tips:

Lounge-Like Spaces

People on vacation gravitate toward spaces that foster relaxed conversations and limitless lounging. They also enjoy the rich, upscale appearance of European-style open spaces. Ensure that your outdoor spot offers a blend of these elements.

Create a dreamy seating space with a white sofa set like this one. Add a couple of flowing linen curtains for seclusion. If your outdoor space serves as a dining area, take a cue from rustic Italian backyards and add a set of dining chairs like these

You can add a pergola, a Tuscan-style lantern, and a bunch of ornate planters to complete the look.

Minimalist-Chic Outdoor Furniture

As a hotel owner, you want to optimize your exterior square footage. Bulky, overly cushioned furniture won't work here. Instead, choose minimalist European designs with sleek silhouettes and innovative space-saving features. 

These include:

  • Love seats
  • Club chairs
  • Slim daybed furniture 

Muted Colors

European outdoor spaces exude a vibe of quiet, understated luxury. You want to ensure your hotel's outdoor space reflects this aesthetic. 

Opt for muted pastel colors and add accented accessories for a hint of color. Alternatively, you can adopt a soft, earthy color scheme for your hotel's patio area to create a faraway vibe. Adding bamboo and wicker furniture, terracotta pots, and rust-toned accessories will do the trick. 

Use serene hues that catch the sun if your resort has a beach or poolside patio. Olive greens, sea-blue hues, and neutral color tones work well to create an atmospheric outdoor patio. 

Daybeds for Oomph

Daybeds add a lot of appeal to beachside resort patios and decks. They lend your resort a look inspired by Ibiza's opulent beach clubs or Mykonos' dreamy seafront terraces. For this sophisticated look, consider adding breezy curtains to the daybeds, sun loungers, and a white-and-blue palette for a more upscale feel. 

Why Choose Source Outdoor Furniture?

Headquartered in Miami, Source Outdoor Furniture offers some of the finest European furniture. It specializes in outdoor commercial-grade furniture and has a wide-ranging collection inspired by places around the world. Its product lineup includes categories like:

  • Loveseats
  • Chaises
  • Sofas
  • Sectionals
  • Cabanas
  • Club chairs

It also has outdoor-related accessories like:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I maintain Source Outdoor Furniture's aluminum frame finishes?

Powder-coated aluminum protects your furniture from sun and water damage but should be cleaned at least once per season. Clean the frame with a soft sponge, light soap, and warm water. Rinse and let dry before using. Avoid using cleaning agents containing ammonia on the metal coating.

Is it okay to use Source Outdoor Furniture for seafront properties?

Although Source's high-quality furniture can withstand outdoor coastal use, we recommend routine maintenance to avoid oxidation and corrosion. Regularly waxing the furniture frames helps prevent blisters and oxidation. If the furniture is unused for a long time, we recommend storing it to avoid sun and moisture damage.

What kind of umbrellas does Source Outdoor Furniture have?

Source Furniture provides three varieties of umbrellas for your commercial needs. 

This includes:

  • Single-vented umbrellas 
  • Double-vented umbrellas
  • Cantilever umbrellas

It also provides umbrella bases, including one with wheels.

Source Outdoor Furniture for Your Hotel/Resort

Europe boasts some of the most beautiful alfresco spots in the world. With Source Outdoor Furniture, you can effortlessly transform your resort's patio into a European-style getaway. 

Its commercial-grade furniture ensures that your furniture lasts for decades. The powder-coated finishing and all-weather materials used in making the furniture prevent sun and water damage. 

Source Furniture pieces are constructed to optimize commercial outdoor spaces with their slim and sleek designs.

Whether you want to create a Riviera-inspired deck or a Tuscan-style sun terrace, Source Outdoor Furniture has the quality and versatility to bring your vision to life. Enhance your guests' experience and make a lasting impression that reflects the allure of Europe's most luxurious outdoor destinations.

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