Stylish Coastal Patios with Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture

Stylish Coastal Patios with Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture

Having a beachside property is like having a piece of paradise at your doorstep. With golden sands and the warm sun within your reach, the ocean waves lulling you to sleep, and the soft rustle of seagrass, there's little to desire when you lead a life like this, except a coastal-inspired patio to enjoy it all.

Coastal living has become a popular trend in recent years. People enjoy the fluid design, natural elements, and calm ambiance it offers. It transforms a mundane layout into a secluded retreat, making you feel like you're on an eternal vacation. 

Indeed, having a beach-themed patio calls for some big changes and additions to your patio as you know it. From picking the right furniture and adding coastal curios, accessories, and motifs, there's a lot to consider. Whether you own a gorgeous beachfront home or a seaside resort, our guide will help you create a unique coastal sanctuary.

With inspiration from Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture, a high-end furnishing brand, we help you establish the perfect seaside theme for your beachfront patio.

Why Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture is the Perfect Pick for Coastal Living

Long-Lasting Luxury Outdoor Furniture

All of Skyline Design's furniture collections are constructed with durable and sturdy aluminum frames that give it a lightweight quality. They're designed using HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and polyester materials that can brave the outdoors (think sun and sea). 

This combination of utility and aesthetics makes them one of the finest options for your property's beachfront deck. Because of their commercial-grade structure, they will last for decades and won't break down with use.

European-Born, Global Presence

Skyline Design is a premium European brand that boasts sleek designs for a modern, upscale look. Its products are used in countless patios and outdoor areas worldwide. 

Since 2003, the company has expanded to multiple global destinations thanks to its consistent and universally appealing designs. Chic, modern, and opulent Skyline Design products make the perfect additions to outdoor beachfront settings no matter where you are in the world.

Diverse Collection

It's no secret that Skyline Design offers a wide range of designs and collections, all tailored to suit upscale design sensibilities and luxe tastes. Its timeless collections draw inspiration from global destinations such as Krabi, Alaska, and Paloma. Some of its most well-known lounge products include:

  • Hanging chairs
  • Loungers and daybeds
  • Barstools
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Outdoor armchairs

Top-Notch Service

A commitment to craftsmanship is at the heart of Skyline Design's exquisite product lineup. Its team of skilled artisans creates long-lasting, timeless designs that seem to be specially made for your outdoor space.

Top Picks From Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture To Inspire Your Coastal Deck

Skyline Design Krabi Hanging Chair & Stand

Impress your guests with this quirky, fitting Krabi Hanging Chair by Skyline Design. Inspired by the egg chair concept, this cocoon-like piece of furniture adds a touch of elegance to your beachside property. 

This hanging chair is made of durable polystrand natural rope that aligns with the natural theme. It has a robust aluminum frame, and the chair stand is made from rot-resistant teakwood. Its commercial-grade quality makes it ideal for daily hotel or beach property use.

Aside from the chair's materials, the superior cushion quality is worth a mention. It is made of Sunbrella fabric, which is UV- and moisture-resistant.

Choose soft colors like taupe, air blue, or Aruba to give your patio a distinct beachy vibe.

Other Specifications:

  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Made from weather-resistant material
  • Canvas Sunbrella materials in customizable colors
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • No assembly needed
  • Warranty available


  • 46''W x 30''D x 77''H
  • Weight: 110 lbs.

Skyline Design Calixto Sofa


Make your sun-kissed beachfront patio even more inviting for your guests with the elegant Calixto Sofa from Skyline Design. Its curved and relaxed silhouette makes it ideal for the rustic seafront deck you've envisioned for your hotel or property. 

Its unique rope-weave finish is made from an HDPE Nigerian Twist hyacinth weave, a completely recyclable material. Its frame is supported by durable, powder-coated aluminum. 

The sofa embodies the essence of a laid-back beach, reminiscent of a lazy hammock under the shade, but better. The plush cushions are made from premium Sunbrella textiles and can be tailored to your preferred aesthetic. 

You can customize your outdoor space by adding a central coffee table from Skyline Design's "Krabi" collection. For a balmy, beachy effect, add a bunch of sea holly or succulent planters near the sofa.

Other specifications:

  • Commercial-grade design, also suitable for residential use
  • Sturdy aluminum frame for outdoor and weather resistance
  • Designed by Noel Royo
  • No assembly needed
  • Removable cushion covers for easy maintenance


  • 78''W x 38''D x 26''H
  • Weight: 66 lbs.

Skyline Design Rodona Daybed

Daybeds are the epitome of beachfront luxury, where your guests can lounge with nothing but the ocean breeze and sea view for company. Invite your guests to nap, read, drink, and unwind on this opulent Skyline Design Rodona Daybed.

With its circular form and deep-seating concept, the outdoor daybed has a shape similar to a peaceful cocoon. It features premium-quality cushions and lots of space for your guests to feel comfortable. Its backrest is cozy, thanks to the rope-weave that wraps around its upper structure. It then tapers down to the lower frame, giving the seat a low-profile, stylish appearance.

All materials used to construct the daybed are sustainably sourced and highly durable. Regardless of how many guests use it, it can retain its shape and form for years. 

Other specifications:

  • Weather-resistant finish
  • No assembly needed


  • 78”W x 78”D x 32”H
  • Weight: 110 lbs.’’

You can choose from a bevy of attractive Sunbrella fabrics to match your ocean color palette. We recommend a linen silver finish, matched with accented sea-blue pillows for an eye-popping design. Add an ottoman or two to complete the look. 

Skyline Design Horizon Pergola with Lamp Hanging Chairs & Teak Table

Offer your guests one of the finest ways to dine on your waterfront with the Horizon Pergola set

This set comes with:

  • A lamp
  • Hanging chairs
  • A teak table

The freestanding pergola, with a sturdy teak table at its center, has six cozy chairs suspended from its canopy. An inverted bowl-shaped lamp enhances the design and creates the perfect golden ambiance at dusk. 

The structure is built with sturdy aluminum, powder-coated to survive the sun and salty air. Use it for intimate dinners on your patio or to provide guests with a memorable experience at your resort. Its commercial-grade quality ensures an extended lifespan.

Other Specifications

  • Sunbrella fabric cushions with customizable colors
  • Contemporary design
  • Weather-resistant materials
  • Minimal assembly required


  • 123''W x 73''D x 102''H
  • Weight: 561 lbs.

Design Ideas for Coastal Outdoor Spaces

Coastal-themed outdoor spaces call for bright and airy aesthetics you can successfully achieve with the following design tips and ideas:

Coastal-Inspired Furniture

This is one of the most crucial aspects that can make or break your coastal patio theme. Switch out your strictly functional, austere furnishings for more laidback, stylish options like:

  • Relaxed Outdoor Sofas: Beachfront patios look best with cushy, lounge-like outdoor sofas made of lightweight, sun-resistant fabrics.
  • Hanging Chairs: Hammocks or egg chairs made from handwoven fabrics like rattan or rope give your patio a cool and refined vibe. Their inherently carefree vibe is a perfect fit for the leisurely pace of a beachfront patio.
  • Loungers and Daybeds: These serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. They offer the ideal vantage point for enjoying sundown cocktails, viewing sunsets, napping, or soaking in the sun before a cool dip.

Coastal Color Aesthetics

Create an "open" and welcoming space that feels tranquil and connected to the sprawling seascape beyond your patio. 

Try to incorporate things such as:

  • Calming Color Palettes: To mimic the tones of the sky, beach, and ocean, choose pastels that are calm and gentle, such as white, blue, and creamy tones.
  • Nautical Patterns: A coastal-themed patio can use subtle nautical motifs, such as driftwood, shells, rope, sea glass, and corals.

Quintessential Coastal Materials

Certain materials, especially natural ones, have a more inherent coastal feel than others. 

Keep these materials central to your design:

  • Rattan: With its airy, light appearance, wicker-woven rattan is a classic coastal outdoor material. Synthetic rattan is ideal for your beach-themed deck because it can tolerate the intense sun and salty air outside.
  • Wood: Any tropical hardwood like teak, cedar, or mahogany offers an undeniable rustic charm that enhances the appeal of your seaside patio. Its natural grain has a raw appeal that complements the tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, these wood varieties are inherently rot-resistant and can tolerate dampness and sunlight.

Décor Ideas for a Beachy Feel

After tackling the big guns like the color scheme and furniture, focus on adding accessories to heighten the beachy vibe.

  • Lighting: Add wicker-woven lanterns, rattan fixtures, or twinkling lights overhead to create ambient lighting.
  • Accessories: Planters, driftwood installations, shells, and breezy, flowing draperies are some accessories that add character to a beachfront setting.

Choose Skyline Design Outdoor Furniture for Your Beachfront Property

Beachfront properties and coastal-inspired patios are a match made in heaven. Patios inspired by the beach urge you and your guests to live their best lives, free from daily stresses and diversions. 

Skyline Design outdoor furniture provides various stylish options to match your or your guests' coastal lifestyle. Its products combine durability and luxurious comfort. From hanging chairs that evoke a sense of relaxation to sofas that embrace the carefree beach mood, each piece is crafted to withstand the rigors of outdoor use without sacrificing style.

Designing your patio to match the serenity of the beach is not as hard as it looks. With our design ideas and furniture recommendations, you can create a luxurious oasis for your property that your guests will love returning to.

Of course, where you source your Skyline Design furniture makes a difference. Only trust authentic and reliable online retailers like Modern Patio Design for your orders. 

Modern Patio Design offers a bevy of furniture brands and features diverse collections. Visit our website to learn more and create a unique patio layout for your property. Contact us today to speak to our customer service representatives.