Poolside Paradise: A Design Guide for Outdoor Pool Furniture

Poolside Paradise: A Design Guide for Outdoor Pool Furniture

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You feel a different kind of vibe in poolside spaces. The energy shifts as soon as you step foot in a pool area. The air becomes lighter and more relaxing. Your body sinks into “leisure” mode. You need to preserve this kind of relaxed energy to bring more footfalls to your commercial space. 

You can create a calming space with the right outdoor pool furniture, where your guests will linger for hours and return time and again. We have the perfect design guide to help you out, whether you want to create a breezy beach club or a cozy poolside terrace. 

Let’s start by looking at some outdoor pool furniture for your space.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Pool Furniture: Our Top Recommendations

Pool furniture is made with special care to keep it safe from the sun, chlorinated air, and moisture. It is commonly seen in hotel pool areas, poolside terrace cafes, beach clubs, or poolside outdoor restaurants. Here are our top recommendations for outdoor pool furniture for your commercial space.

Relaxed Poolside Vibe: South Sea Rattan Farlowe Loveseat

Elevate your poolside commercial space with a farmhouse-style outdoor loveseat. With its rustic design, this South Sea Rattan Farlowe Loveseat beckons guests to unwind and relax. The loveseat structure appears to be constructed of wood, but it is made of brushed aluminum.

Both durable and stylish, the frame supports dual oversized cushions. They provide deep seating comfort, making them ideal for a poolside rendezvous. They are also mold and mildew-resistant, saving you time and money. You can select from Sunbrella and Outdura textiles to accent your poolside setting.


59.8"W x 30"D x 25.8"H

Loungers’ Paradise: Outdoor Wicker Double Sun Lounger

If you have a cabana-style space that invites boozy sundowners and lounging late into the night, this double sun lounger spells double the fun for your guests. The Outsy Anna Double Sun Lounger provides cozy comfort for two. 

It stretches out lavishly under the sun, making it the perfect poolside accompaniment for your guests to soak up some rays. 

The base of the sun lounger is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Its handwoven wicker finish exudes elegance while prioritizing comfort. This all-weather material can withstand the elements, rain or shine, allowing for year-round poolside lounging.

At the heart of it is a sturdy aluminum frame that lasts years and is easy to maintain. It features 6-inch solid foam waterproof and UV-proof cushions that won’t damage easily. 

Other features:

  • Rust-proof frame
  • Removable and washable cushion covers
  • Two complimentary décor pillows
  • Use without assembly
  • Weatherproof wooden legs


  • Width: 59.06 Inch
  • Depth: 78.74 Inch
  • Height: 29.53 Inch

Poolside Bar Setting: Fusion Bar Arm Chair

Low-seater furniture is one of the hottest patio trends right now. This low-seater Adirondack-style chair with a modern twist exudes the perfect style for a poolside bar or café. The Newport Adirondack Swivel Armchair from Telescope reaches dining table height, so your guests’ comfort isn’t compromised. 

Its grey finish and minimalist design add a contemporary touch to this summer classic. The chair has a natural wooden grain, giving it a rustic look. Armrests and a high sling-style back offer optimal seating comfort. 

The chair’s main frame is made of aluminum, making it a durable and lightweight alternative for your poolside terrace or patio. Its 360-degree swivel motion provides your guests with panoramic views of the surroundings. 

During colder months, add a firepit nearby to create an alfresco dining environment your guests will love. 

Other features:

  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Powder-coated aluminum for a rust-free finish
  • No peeling or cracking
  • Rustic polymer seat 
  • Diverse color combinations to choose from


28"W x 26"D x 38"H

What to Consider When Buying and Styling Outdoor Pool Furniture

These considerations will help you design and style your patio space more effectively.

Material, Durability, and Maintenance

Furniture will be used more frequently in a commercial setting as customers trickle in throughout the day. As a business owner, it’s natural to want your patio pool furniture to last long. 

For this, choosing the right material is a must.

  • Wrought, iron, steel, and aluminum: sturdy and comfortable, but may rust in moist conditions. Use a sealant to protect them.
  • Powder-coated aluminum: resistant to salty air damage, lightweight and easy to move.
  • Teak wood: upscale and rustic, contains natural oils that prevent warping or rotting. Can endure salty or seaside air. Retains a classic patina grey tint. Needs sealant every six months and storage when not in use.
  • All-weather resin wicker: balanced in design and functionality, ideal for poolside leisure. Unaffected by salty pool air or sun exposure. Easy to maintain.

Invest in Quality Pool Furniture

If you want your poolside location to be a “go-to” space for your customers, you need to ensure your guests' comfort and safety. 

Investing in the proper brand and quality of poolside furniture will ensure that your customers enjoy it for many years. Discerning guests will be able to spot low-quality, inexpensive furniture. It can become fragile after only a few years of use, and break down or lose its finish in as little as a year or two. 

Ultimately, this will reflect poorly on your business. Your business needs something that will last for decades, and high-quality furniture will give you that.

Plan Your Furniture Budget

While quality is paramount when selecting outdoor pool furniture, it is also important to prioritize it. 

Allocate a larger portion of your pool furnishing budget to larger, foundation pieces that will be used frequently. 

Dining tables and chairs, for example, are a major fixture or the core of your furniture setup that will be used the most outside. They will also be the most heavily used, so it is okay to splurge on high-quality pieces. 

Conversely, you can save on low-priority items that are purely decorative, such as side tables, accent benches, or throw pillows. Remember that these products will not be used as frequently, nor will they be as difficult or costly to repair. Due to their small size, they can be stored away at the end of the business day, extending their life.

Allocating a smaller budget to these peripheral items will save you the guilt of throwing them out or replacing them when the time comes. It will also keep your commercial space fresh and lively as you change these items seasonally or annually.

Choose Versatile Patio Pool Furniture

Choosing high-quality patio pool furniture involves making your furniture work hard for you. Make the most of your high-end furniture by putting it to use in multiple ways. For instance, your cabana-style sun loungers can serve as an additional dining space for poolside lunches. 

The accent bench you purchased for your café can be used as a bag bench or an extra seat for large parties. You can also mix and replace your poolside furniture every month to add a lively flavor to your commercial setup and keep things interesting.

Don’t Forget the Add-ons

The best patio poolside furniture is nothing without its add-on pieces and accessories. Breezy summers will drive traffic to your business, but the sultry weather can quickly put a damper on things. Ensure protection for your guests with add-ons like cantilever umbrellas. 

Also consider complementing your lounge chairs or poolside sofa with colorful accessories like carpets, plants, and throw pillows. These will change your commercial area into a cozy and homely space where customers will love spending time. 

You can also add a toasty poolside fire pit for colder nights, and cozy hygge-style lighting fixtures to set the mood.

FAQs About Outdoor Pool Furniture

We answer the internet’s most asked questions about outdoor pool furniture.

How to Make Patio Pool Furniture More Comfortable?

Ensure your furniture is equipped with memory foam cushions. Choose high-quality textiles like Sunbrella, which can withstand mold and mildew while remaining soft to the touch.

What is the Best Material for Pool Lounge Chairs?

Pool lounge chairs made from metallic or wooden frames perform well. They’re durable, comfortable, and protected with UV-resistant coating. All-resin wicker made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is also an excellent material for pool lounge chairs.

What are Some Common Outdoor Pool Furniture Pieces?

Shop for commercial-grade outdoor furniture from these categories:

  • Poolside sofas/conversation sets
  • Poolside palacial-style patio sets
  • Sun loungers
  • Chaise lounges
  • Poolside bar chairs
  • Lounge beds

Key Takeaways

You need to create an inviting and relaxing poolside space for your commercial business to attract and retain customers. The options for outdoor pool furniture are diverse, from loveseats that beckon guests to unwind, to double sun loungers for those seeking a luxurious poolside experience, and even stylish poolside bar chairs.

You can make the most of your poolside setting by budgeting prudently, prioritizing important elements, and saving on decorative items.

High-quality furniture improves the comfort and safety of your guests, so don’t exclude this factor. You need a reputable retailer of outdoor pool furniture to rely on. Modern Patio Design offers you a diverse collection of outdoor furniture from various brands, all at fair prices. The best part? Free shipping!

Contact us for more details and our staff will assist you happily.