Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Day Bed

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Outdoor Day Bed

Ordinary patio furniture is passé. Outdoor day beds are the new cool way to soak up the sun (or escape it), depending on your guests' idea of relaxation. 

Outdoor day beds can transform a regular patio space into a luxurious retreat brimming with elegance. Adding them to your hospitality space is the ultimate invitation to guests seeking respite from their busy lives. 

What defines a great outdoor day bed? Is it just comfort? Perhaps the design? The ideal outdoor day bed balances comfort, durability, and style. In this guide, we help you choose the perfect outdoor day bed for your hospitality space.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Outdoor Bed Lounger

Your outdoor bed lounger is an essential part of your outdoor space. You want to ensure you make the right choice, one that complements your business goals, caters to your guests' comfort, and lasts long. 

Here are some things you should think about:


The material used to construct your day bed's frame will determine its durability and lifespan. You want a dependable material that will survive the elements, especially if you intend to use it in a location prone to moisture or salty air (oceanside or poolside). 

The materials that provide exceptional durability are:

  • Wicker or rope frames made from HDPE or other synthetic material
  • Teak or hardwood frame
  • Aluminum

Day beds with powder-coated aluminum frames provide a functional combination of comfort and durability. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, making it easy to move around your outdoor space if necessary. Its rust-free qualities keep moisture at bay. Aluminum frames are typically wrapped in fabric for an aesthetic finish and are relatively easy to maintain.

While aluminum is a common material for day beds, choose teak or wicker if they match your overall motif. For example, if you have an outdoor resort ambiance where most of your outdoor lounge furniture is wicker-made, a rope-design or wicker-woven day bed will make more aesthetic sense. 


Day beds come in various sizes and can be tailored to fit your needs. Before selecting a size, ensure you plan your patio or deck arrangement. 

You want to ask questions like:

  • How many day beds can I fit on my patio?
  • Will I be adding any additional patio furniture?
  • How many guests do I plan to accommodate?

Answering these questions can help you plan the dimensions of your day bed. You also want to leave sufficient space around your day bed area for easy movement. Also, factor in extra space if you plan to add accessories, console tables, or chairs around the day bed. 

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity should be planned in unison with patio-daybed size. When deciding on the seating capacity of your outdoor bed lounger, consider your primary guest demographic.

If your hotel, resort, or club receives a high volume of families or groups during peak season, consider larger-capacity day beds. Alternatively, you can add matching chairs or chaise lounges to add extra seating around a moderately sized day bed. If your business is mainly frequented by couples, smaller, intimate-sized day beds are ideal. 

Weather Protection

Outdoor day beds are all fun and games until the weather wreaks havoc. By investing just a little more, you can enjoy the benefits of weather-protected furniture. Weather-resistant materials or all-weather materials are a must when considering outdoor furniture.

Weather-resistant materials ensure that your day bed will be protected from:

  • Mildew 
  • Moisture
  • Color fading
  • Messy spills
  • Mold or fungus

You also need your day beds to be covered in fabric that dries quickly during inclement weather. The best way to ensure this is to opt for all-weather materials like HDPE rattan, teak, or powder-coated aluminum for the main frame. For the cushions, premium, weather-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella are a must. 

Shade Coverage

The patio is a terrific spot to soak up the rays, but guests will most likely want to retreat into a comfortable shade-covered nook after a while. Optimize your resort patio space by including a relaxed shaded alcove where they can nap, read, or drink with friends.

Outdoor day beds are ideal for this function, but not all of them provide shade. If you opt for an uncovered day bed, you can use patio umbrellas to add coverage upon your guests' request. Alternatively, you can choose covered day beds with privacy panels.

You can also add flowy curtains to your day bed to protect it from the sun and give it an elevated tropical vibe. Whatever you choose, consider your guests' needs and patio goals beforehand. 

Design Goals

Many manufacturers sell individual pieces of furniture as part of a bigger set. If you intend to add on your patio arrangement seasonally, choosing a day bed style from one of these collections is a good idea. You can eventually add more complementary furniture items to your day bed arrangement to create a more coherent look. 

Some accent furniture pieces you can add to your day bed from a larger collection are:

  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • Patio tables
  • Lounge chairs
  • Rockers
  • Conversation sets

Instead of placing your day bed in isolation, you want to consider accessorizing the space to make it seem more inviting to your guests. After all, day beds are more than just functional furniture pieces; they're a vibe, so be sure to sell your guests on that.


Maintenance is a key component of patio management. It all comes down to choosing a material you can maintain over time. Choosing low-maintenance materials like teak, aluminum, and wicker is important. These materials save time and effort because they only need a quick wipe-down to look brand new.

However, you also need to consider the extent of outdoor exposure to your day beds. Despite the weather-resistant material, prolonged exposure to the sun and rain can damage your day beds. Aside from regular maintenance, you must also ensure that they are adequately covered when not in use or stowed away during the off-season.

The Best Outdoor Day Beds Money Can Buy

Made with commercial-grade materials and premium furniture brands like Sunset West and Source, the following day beds offer durable choices at attractive prices:

Sunset West Milano Day Bed

This stylish Milano Day Bed by Sunset West is the secret to creating a dreamy nook for your guests. The day bed features a circular shape with a curved backrest, providing the ultimate refuge for lounging. 

At the heart of this outdoor day bed is a powder-coated aluminum frame. It ensures durability and low maintenance, besides also preserving its shape regardless of how many guests use it throughout the day. A striated rope motif made of silver-grey olefin rope completes the breezy look. 

Of course, soft, pillowy cushions are the essence of any day bed, and this unit comes with five of them. The main base cushion is made of superior Sunbrella fabric in various colors to match your patio decor. 

Some of its other features include:

  • 18" pillows
  • Weather-resistant foam cushions with high resilience
  • Plastic glides to avoid floor marks
  • Color-protected outdoor rope with weather-resistant properties


W67"x D67"xH28"

Source Furniture Cosmo Day Bed

If you prefer a sleeker design for your business, this contemporary Cosmo Day Bed by Source Furniture will catch your eye. It features a clean circular shape enclosed in an aluminum frame. 

The raised backrest and the low-profile seating create an interesting silhouette, providing a deep-seated cocoon your guests would want to sink into. The main seat cushion is upholstered with premium-quality fabric and can be customized per your preferred sizing

For the cushion, you can also select from a variety of Sunbrella textiles. Some of its other features include:

  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Mold and mildew-resistant fabric
  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes


  • Extra Large
  • Height: 36″ | Diameter: 90″
  • Large
  • Height: 36″ | Diameter: 84″
  • Medium
  • Height: 36″ | Diameter: 72″
  • Small
  • Height: 36″ | Diameter: 64″

Sunset West Newport Resort King Day Bed

This king-size day bed by Sunset West is one of the classiest day beds on the market. Exuding an exquisite resort-style feel, the Resort King day bed is part of Sunset West's Newport Collection. It combines contemporary design with comfort to create a stunning design worthy of your outdoor space.

A king-size bed frame is at the center, encircled by a four-poster design. The design has provisions for panel curtains on both sides, ensuring that your guests have the privacy they need. There is also a privacy panel at the back. With this day bed, guests can access their personal outdoor retreat, where they may read, nap, or sip cocktails. 

The day bed features thoughtful details such as:

  • Beveled extrusion edges
  • Seamless construction
  • Frost satin finish
  • Weather-resistant fabric and cushions


W75" x D80" x H85" 


Which types of cushions can I use for an outdoor day bed?

Outdoor day beds are exposed to the elements and are susceptible to water damage. Protect your cushions with a water-resistant, quick-drying fabric that can withstand outdoor use.

What is the difference between an outdoor day bed and a chaise lounge?

An outdoor day bed is larger than a chaise lounge and can accommodate more people, creating a secluded enclave. Chaise lounges are extended versions of chairs that can be used to stretch out. Day beds also have more pillows than chaise lounges and an integrated shade cover.

Are outdoor day beds worth it?

Outdoor day beds are the perfect epitome of summertime living. They provide a relaxing haven for your guests, allowing them to unwind outdoors while being shielded from the harsh sun. Their elegant silhouette also elevates the look of your patio, be it a resort, hotel, or club, and makes it more welcoming.

Key Takeaways 

When selecting the ideal outdoor day bed for your space, consider the material, size, seating capacity, weather resistance, shade coverage, and design. It's also essential to choose materials that are low-maintenance and can withstand outdoor conditions.

Opting for budget furniture can be tempting, but you will likely compromise on quality. Thankfully, some trusted manufacturers sell quality outdoor day beds at affordable prices, giving you exceptional value for money. 

Rely on reputable retailers like Modern Patio Design, a trusted online store that offers a wide range of outdoor day beds for your business. Our furniture is made from commercial-grade materials that promise durability and comfort. 

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