Elevate Your Coastal Oasis: Luxurious Outdoor Living with Telescope Furniture

Elevate Your Coastal Oasis: Luxurious Outdoor Living with Telescope Furniture

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As summer draws near, prepare to welcome a wave of eager vacationers to your waterfront property for some seaside relaxation. Your waterside property already possesses a unique allure, but imagine elevating it with just a few enhancements.

Elevate your beachfront property into an extraordinary seaside sanctuary with Telescope Furniture’s modern and chic outdoor pieces. These selections foster an upscale outdoor experience, standing strong against the salty sea breeze and moisture, no matter the guest count this season.

Whether outfitting waterfront bistros, beachfront patios, or villas by the water’s edge, we’ll show you why Telescope Furniture’s adaptable range is your go-to choice for this summer

Why Casual Telescope Furniture?

Coastal properties face the relentless forces of nature, from fierce winds to the corrosive effects of salty sea air. Neglecting proper care can lead to furniture deterioration, diminishing your property’s visual appeal. However, with Telescope Casual, you can ensure that your furniture stands the test of time.

Telescope Casual’s outdoor pieces undergo a special treatment: they are coated with powder-coated aluminum. This protective layer prevents rust and corrosion, even when exposed to the elements under open skies. The combination of stainless steel hardware and superior Sunbrella upholstery results in a robust and elegant waterfront arrangement that can withstand any weather conditions.

What sets Telescope Casual apart as the ultimate choice for commercial outdoor furniture? It’s the fact that every piece is entirely manufactured in the United States. 

Since its establishment in 1903 in New York City, Telescope Casual has become a trusted retailer of outdoor living furnishings. Designers and business owners alike rely on their products to create stunning properties that stand out.

4 Best Telescope Furniture Picks for Your Waterfront Property

Telescope Casual Avant Balcony Height Stool

Telescope Casual Avant Balcony Height Stool

This sleek and stylish balcony height stool from the Avant Aluminum collection will transform your beachside patio or dining area into a popular hangout spot for customers. Pair it with a rustic square wood bar table to create a relaxed coastal-style eclectic retreat. Here’s what makes this table perfect for your waterfront property:

Durability: Made with Marine Grade or Rustic Polymer, a material that’s built to last, this stool makes for a worthwhile investment.

Avant-garde: One of the table's most promising aspects is its minimalist design, which lends a contemporary charm to your property.

Customizable: From textured warm grey to aqua-inspired navy tones, choose from various patterns and colors to build a beautiful waterfront setting that complements your property’s surroundings.

Easy storage: Instead of bulky furniture sets, choose this simple design that your employees can store easily between seasons.

Key Features:

  • Marine-grade polymer that resists fresh and saltwater
  • No cracking or rotting
  • Treated with a 100% powder-coated aluminum frame that’s anti-rust, anti-peel, and anti-crack
  • Backrest for lower back comfort
  • Stainless steel hardware for durability


17.5"W x 14.5"D x 31"H

Telescope Casual Bazza MGP Sling Collection Contour Armless Chaise\

Telescope Casual Bazza MGP Sling Collection Contour Armless Chaise

Let your property’s poolside space exude a laidback holiday vibe with the Contour Armless Chaise from Telescope Casual’s Bazza Sling collection. Sleek, stylish, and inviting, make this chaise the centerpiece of your lavish poolside setting. What makes this chaise special than others, you ask?

Wave-like Design: Unlike regular chaise lounges, the Telescope Casual chaise embodies relaxation with its wave-like, contoured frame. This creates an ergonomic effect, allowing your guests to relax in style.

Marine-grade: Built with marine-grade polymer, this chaise lounge ensures high quality and durability. Its stainless steel hardware ensures a sturdy frame.

Personalization: Choose from a variety of rich frame and accent colors to give your poolside outdoor location an upmarket bistro-style feel. Telescope offers a variety of complementary colors, including aqua and navy, as well as contrasting greys and chestnuts.

Key Features:

  • Marine grade polymer frame makes it impervious to fresh and saltwater
  • No cracking or rotting
  • Replaceable sling fabric for a dynamic look
  • Four customizable positions


30"W x 86"D x 42.5"H

Telescope Casual St Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Three-Seat Sofa

Telescope Casual St Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Three-Seat Sofa

Invite your patrons to lounge, converse, and unwind while enjoying the peaceful sea views from this stylish beachfront perch. The St. Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Three-Seat Sofa features a plush design that provides sumptuous deep-seated comfort. Here’s what sets it apart from other outdoor sofas:

Angled design: The sofa’s angled backrest delivers top-notch comfort, inviting your guests to stay longer.

Deep-seat cushions: Accommodating three persons comfortably, the sofa’s premium cushions feature lower pockets, providing an extra layer of comfort.

Sunbrella fabric: Aside from its classy design, this sofa features anti-fade Sunbrella fabric to shield your furniture from salty sea air, moisture, and the sun, making it the perfect summertime companion for your property’s patio.

Durability: With a frame built with Marine Grade Polymer, you can be confident that your guests will enjoy this sofa for years.

Key Features:

  • Water-resistant Marine Grade Polymer
  • Customizable color and fabric options, including over 100 patterns
  • Commercial-grade, quick-drain cushions made for outdoor use
  • 100% hypoallergenic acrylic fabric 


74"W x 35.25"D x 36.25"H

Telescope Casual St Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Arm Chair

Telescope Casual St Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Arm Chair

Whether your visitors want to curl up with a book by the waterside or enjoy a poolside cocktail, this versatile Deep Cushion Arm Chair by Telescope Casual makes for the ideal outdoor living piece. Here’s why we recommend this stylish piece for your property:

Contoured design: The ergonomic, contoured edges give your property a modern, upscale look. 

Plush comfort: The armchair only uses plush, premium cushions that provide deep-seated comfort. The angled-back design offers visitors a relaxed vibe that waterfront settings are known for.

Generous space: Despite its minimalist design, the chair has plenty of space, with lower pockets and extra-deep cushions to keep guests comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Commercial grade, Marine Grade Polymer for crack- and rot-resistant effect
  • Durable and water-resistant
  • Quick-drain cushions for outdoor use
  • Long-lasting stainless steel hardware 
  • 100% acrylic fabric
  • Premium Sunbrella colors and patterns are available


30"W x 35.25"D x 36.25"H

5 Essential Tips to Elevate Your Waterfront Oasis

Turn your waterfront property into a serene and high-end hideaway this summer by incorporating these outdoor living tips. 

  1. Get the Landscaping Right

Waterfront properties benefit from a balanced aesthetic that evokes a sense of Zen. By reflecting the tranquil surroundings of your waterside café or pool, you can create a cocoon-like feeling that inspires guests to stay longer. 

Choose curves and delicate contours to match this aesthetic. This can take the form of meandering paths and flowering pergolas overlooking the sea or curved outdoor furniture that looks inviting.

Include plenty of shady spaces and foliage to balance out the water elements and provide your guests with a unique and personalized sanctuary.

  1. Optimize Waterfront Views 

Living on the water's edge provides you access to breathtaking vistas 24/7, so capitalize on this feature and let them take center stage. Arrange your patio furniture to frame the stunning sea or poolside views. 

Whether it's a balcony-style setup with tall bar seats overlooking the glittering waters at your restaurant or relaxed lounge chairs facing the infinite ocean, your visitors will love the high-end and exclusive ambiance.

  1. Add Complementary Colors and Textures

For a clean and fresh summer style, choose airy colors that complement the soothing blues of the sea or pool. For example, use pristine white linen curtains to drape outdoor daybeds and create a cabana-style atmosphere. 

Incorporate neutral and soft pastel colors into your outdoor space, including:

  • Light/warm greys
  • Tan
  • Light blue
  • Navy blue
  • Soft white

Textured sofas in soft, pastel colors will enhance the appearance of waterfront houses and patios. For an extra pop of color, add patterned pillows or rugs.

  1. Add a Firepit for a High-end Atmosphere

Hot summer days can swiftly give way to cool nights in some coastal places. Shield your guests from the fierce sea breeze by adding firepits. A firepit is no longer just a functional apparatus to keep you warm. It is available in modern and stylish designs that elevate the look of your beachfront property. 

Choose from brick or stone freestanding outdoor fire pits to create a high-end rustic atmosphere where visitors can gather for conversations late into the summer night. For example, this rectangular glass fire table will look great next to a comfortable sofa set, allowing your guests to soak in the beautiful seaside views.

  1. Integrate Artful Lighting 

With the natural light flooding in through your waterfront terrace, there's plenty to keep vacationing sunbathers busy during the daytime. Come sundown, you can recreate the same kind of beauty with captivating lighting that brings the sea views to life. 

Some lighting options to look into for your patio are:

  • Overhead twinkling lights
  • Votive candles
  • Lanterns
  • Walkway lights

Telescope Furniture: The Premier Choice for Waterfront Commercial Spaces

Coastal outdoor living captivates but also demands resilience against nature’s unpredictability. 

High winds and salty sea air necessitate furniture that endures without losing its grace. Telescope Furniture meets this need with a fusion of aluminum-treated pieces and stainless steel hardware, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for your waterfront property.

With Telescope Furniture, you can elevate the charm and functionality of your outdoor spaces, ensuring they remain elegant and durable in the face of dynamic coastal elements. 

Whether you’re furnishing a beachfront bistro, poolside lounge, or seaside villa patio, Telescope Casual’s range of furniture is a true testament to high-quality American manufacturing.

Telescope Furniture at Modern Patio Design

Modern Patio Design is a trustworthy retailer of Telescope Furniture, offering everything from fire pits and umbrellas for your patio to daybeds, wicker pieces, and pool furniture. 

Browse our website for more details, or contact us for specific requests for your commercial property.