Everything Hoteliers Need to Know About Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture

Everything Hoteliers Need to Know About Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture

For hotels, an attractive outdoor space is just as important as its indoors. Outdoor spaces like patios, terraces, or poolside areas enhance the curb appeal of a resort or hotel. They're one of the most advertised aspects of a hotel, evoking images of blissful relaxation.

Choosing the right furniture can create the ideal outdoor ambiance as a hotelier. It should be a one-time investment offering long-term durability. 

Lloyd Flanders' durable, upscale, and innovative furniture can spruce up your outdoor space in more ways than one. 

This article explains everything you need to know about this century-old brand, and will help you plan the finest outdoor retreat for your guests using Lloyd Flanders' Outdoor Furniture.

Lloyd Flanders: Proudly Made in the USA

Lloyd Flanders is a proud all-American company that started small by manufacturing wire doormats and baby carriages. In 1906, the Lloyd Manufacturing Company was established in Menominee, Michigan. 

More than a century later, the company continues to operate from its Michigan facility. Here, it produces timeless, heirloom-quality furniture that lasts generations. 

Lloyd Flanders was the brainchild of Marshall B. Lloyd, who transformed a seemingly simple weave-like wicker into the outdoor furniture phenomenon. He patented a novel weaving process in 1917 that combined beauty with durability. 

Lloyd Flanders is renowned for its wicker outdoor furniture. However, it also offers non-wicker patio collections that are just as remarkable. The company still uses the same weaving process it did in the past, giving its products a heritage quality.

The Lloyd Flanders Timeline

1906: Marshall B. Lloyd forms the Lloyd Manufacturing Company 

1916-1917: Marshall B. Lloyd develops and patents the unique Lloyd Loom® process for making wicker furniture

1982: Don and Dudley Flanders entered the picture in 1982 when they purchased Lloyd Manufacturing, giving rise to the Lloyd Flanders name. They introduced the concept of modern loom furniture for outdoor use using a patented process.

Famous Places With Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture 

Given its decorated history, it's no surprise that Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture has graced many heritage American landmarks over the years. 

You can find its trademark furniture in historic luxury hotels like:

  • The Grand Hotel, Yellowstone
  • The Waldorf Astoria in New York, NY
  • The Vinoy in St. Petersburg, FL
  • The Hershey Hotel in Hershey, PA
  • The Breakers Palm Beach in Palm Beach, FL

It also graces the halls of the Minnesota Governor's Mansion and the Stetson Mansion in Florida.

Long before Lloyd Flanders began making wicker-woven furniture, it created the seats for the iconic Carriages of Mackinac Island in Michigan.

The Signature Lloyd Loom

Now that we've seen how the Lloyd Flanders legacy began, let's see what makes it iconic.

Trademark Weaving Process

The signature wicker weave, which dominates most of Lloyd Flanders' furniture collections today, is central to the company. Known as the Lloyd Loom® technique, the process weaves cellulose strands, a natural fiber, with aluminum wire.

The wicker fabric produced by this method is then wrapped around sturdy aluminum frames, making the construction more stable and durable. Finally, the wicker weave is treated with Durium, a highly synthetic resin. 

This additional Durium finishing makes it resilient against:

  • Cracking 
  • Fraying
  • Peeling
  • Fading 

Premium Weave

Lloyd Flanders has diligently followed this patented process since its conception. Over time, it has added technological tweaks to ensure a smoother weave free of cracking or peeling.

The specialty of this weave is that it is continuous and avoids burrs or rough edges, which are typical in low-quality wicker furniture. This smooth weave eliminates visible loose or frayed ends, providing your guests exceptional comfort. 

Customizable Finishes

Lloyd Flanders offers a customizable finish that lets you choose from several standard and premium color options.

It offers 20 custom paint finishes and more than 400 fabric options. You can even provide your own material if you want to match your hotel's outdoor space to a specific theme or style.

High-Quality Cushions

In addition to the furniture, Lloyd Flanders takes pride in producing cushions for deep-seating comfort. It does this with their proprietary Premium Cloud Cushioning Seating System. Most Lloyd Flanders furniture includes built-in reticulated foam seats, which can withstand nasty spills and stains by quickly draining moisture.

Other Materials By Lloyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture also has products made from sustainable materials such as vinyl and teak. 

It makes use of pure vinyl with no "fillers." 

This guarantees two things:

  • The furniture remains soft and pliable despite heavy use
  • It retains its form well

The use of vinyl also ensures all-weather protection. It has a UV-resistant coating to protect it from sun damage and fading.

Teak wood is another common material used in Lloyd Flanders furniture. It only uses FSC-certified ethically-sourced teakwood. It lends furniture a premium appearance unmatched by others. 

Over time, teak develops a beautiful silvery patina hue that has its own charm. 

Teak wood also has all-weather capabilities due to:

  • High oil content
  • Close-knit molecules and tight-grain texture

These qualities ensure your outdoor furniture remains sturdy and lasts decades with proper care.

Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture Collections

From American rustic charm to island-style furniture, Lloyd Flanders has it all. Browse through its diverse collection and choose the perfect match for your hotel's outdoor space. 

All Seasons

The All Seasons line captures the unique style and craftsmanship of the Lloyd Loom wicker weave. This collection's designs combine classic and contemporary elements. Take, for example, its All Seasons Lounge Chair or the settee with a padded seat.


Inspired by the Californian island, the Catalina collection exudes a fresh and relaxed vibe. It combines the airy beauty of the Lloyd Loom weave with the antique gray elegance of sustainably harvested teak. The Catalina Corner Sectional is one of the finest pieces in this collection.


The Elements collection highlights the beauty of simplicity. It features tightly woven wicker furniture paired with stainless-steel construction, resulting in stunning pieces like the Elements Dining Chair.


The Essence combines the charm of the retro with a modern twist. This series features luxurious cocoons of comfort with waterfall seat cushions and vintage motifs. Take the Essence Loveseat, which comes in 20 bespoke finishes. 


The vast wilderness of the American West serves as the inspiration for this collection. Expect to see robust frames, faux-wood grain textures, and classic designs that require little upkeep. The Frontier Dining Armchair is a fine example from this collection.


The laidback, beachy vibe of the Hamptons is no secret. The Hamptons collection offers an opulent touch with its elegant sectional units and eye-catching lounge chairs. Create the perfect lounge atmosphere for your hotel with this collection.


The Mandalay Collection is a picture of understated beauty. It draws inspiration from natural seagrass patterns and uses a five-strand weave to create a breezy impression. Elevate your hotel's outdoor space with the sofa or swivel rocker chair from this collection. They're known for their relaxed back pillows and comfortable wide-arm design.


The Nantucket Collection captures the everlasting charm of the American East Coast. Its refined pieces exude a casual style befitting any seaside resort or hotel. Check out the Nantucket Sofa from this collection, which is customizable with over 100 fabric prints.


This collection brings the perfect blend of beauty and utility to your hotel's outdoor space. A delicate wicker weave lends charm, while its premium cushions offer restful comfort for your guests. The Reflections Crescent Sofa is one of its finest pieces.


Clean, elegant lines influenced by European design set the tone for this collection. If you want a classic yet contemporary look for your hotel's patio, this collection is for you. Choose this Solstice Lounge Chair with its regal high back or the Solstice Loveseat for a refined aesthetic.


The Southport line has clean frames and sleek shapes. Its unique selling point is its beveled extrusion, which supports loom panels for a classic look. Its customizable designs, like that of the Southport Rectangular Cocktail Table, make it ideal for outdoor spaces in contemporary boutique hotels.


The Summit furniture collection exudes a refined minimalist aesthetic. Its sleek, ergonomic design is visually appealing, particularly when combined with custom finishes. The Summit Sofa is a great way to create a minimalist outdoor theme in your hotel while saving space.


Visions modernize the Lloyd Loom wicker weave with cushioned insert panels and sophisticated shapes. The Visions Dining Armchair from the series adds an attractive outdoor silhouette to your hotel bar or terrace. 

Weekend Retreat

The Weekend Retreat series exemplifies the beauty of randomness. Its furniture features a mini-random weave, making your outdoor space more dynamic. Add a bit of laidback oomph to your hotel's patio with the Weekend Retreat Swivel Glider Lounge Chair from this collection.


Lloyd Flanders extends its expertise to furniture accessories, including bar stools, bistro chairs, and pool chaises. It also manufactures replacement cushions in-house.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lloyd Flanders' signature Loom Wicker made of?

Lloyd Flanders' trademark wicker weave is made of cellulose fiber-fed through looms. Aluminum fabric stakes are directly woven into the cloth to increase its durability.

Can Lloyd Flanders Furniture be left outdoors?

Lloyd Loom Outdoor Furniture is weather-resistant and can be used outdoors. With proper maintenance, it can last several decades. 

Does Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture provide a warranty?

The Lloyd Flanders warranty covers all material and craftsmanship defects. Frames and finishes carry a three-year warranty. Fabric, cushions, and stone tops have a one-year warranty.

Final Thoughts: Why Choose Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Furniture?

Lloyd Flanders' outdoor furniture is the secret to a well-laid-out, upscale hotel patio. Its furniture embodies the company's motto, "woven for life." 

Here are the biggest reasons to invest in Lloyd Flanders furniture for your hotel's outdoor space:

  • Commercial-grade, all-weather wicker loom made from natural cellulose fiber.
  • The use of a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame in its furniture guarantees durability.
  • UV-resistant treatment on 100% vinyl extends the durability of your hotel's outdoor furniture.
  • Wicker finishing options help you customize your furniture. Its high-performance finish ensures the fabric lasts long and doesn't fade or lose its shine with daily use.
  • The replacement cushions are soy-based and use Bio Comfort Foam Care technology. They resist mildew and moisture, maintain their shape, and provide long-lasting comfort.

Lloyd Flanders outdoor furniture is available through trusted retailers such as Modern Patio Design. We can help you transform your hotel's outdoor space into a haven of comfort and style. Browse our website for a wide range of Lloyd Flanders furnishings, or contact us for personalized assistance.