Forever Patio Universal Teak Dining Loveseat

Forever Patio Universal Teak Dining Loveseat

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Cushion Fabric:Sunbrella Cast Ash
Sunbrella Cast Ash
Sunbrella Spectrum Indigo
Sunbrella Canvas Black
Sunbrella Cast Horizon
Sunbrella Cast Breeze
Sunbrella Shore Linen
Sunbrella Canvas Natural
Sunbrella Helena Mist With Spectrum Indigo Welt
Furniture Color:FP Plantation Teak
FP Plantation Teak

For additional seating on your patio take a look at this Universal Teak 2-seater Dining Bech. Made of 100% solid planttion grown Teak hardwood, this loveseat can be placed alone or as additional seating at the larger Teak dining table. Choose from available fabrics for a cushion covered in fade- and mildew-resistant Sunbrella fabric.


  • Sunbrella® cushion covers provide unmatched fade, moisture and mildew resistance, and can be easily unzipped for cleaning.
  • Because the wood is reclaimed, it has already been aged and dried so there is no need for an additional step to control moisture.
  • Plush, overstuffed cushions are made from quick-drying polyurethane foam wrapped in moisture and mildew-eliminating Dacron fibers.
  • Hardware is zinc-coated steel that has been plated in brass. The zinc helps minimize corrosion, steel was chosen for strength and brass for its luster.
  • A wire wheel is used to distress the reclaimed wood to enhance the grain and provide a rustic finish.
  • You may choose to allow your natural wood/teak to weather to a beautiful silver-gray patina or treat it with an oil or sealer specifically made for natural wood/teak twice a year to preserve the natural wood/teak's golden finish.
  • Natural wood/teak may be cleaned using a wood cleaner, or lightly sanded with 600 (or higher) grit sandpaper.
  • Leave your natural wood/teak products outside year-round (under a furniture cover when not in use) or store in a COOL, DRY place during the winter to preserve the wood's moisture.
  • This line of Teak is part of a replenished forestry program, where a new tree is planted for each one that is harvested.
  • Our Plantation Teak is oven- or air-dried for moisture control.


48" x 26" x 35"