Is Teak Outdoor Furniture Durable? A Great Choice for Any Patio

Is Teak Outdoor Furniture Durable? A Great Choice for Any Patio

If you’re wondering “Is teak outdoor furniture durable,” let’s take a look at its history. Before teak wood was in our houses, backyards, and favorite cafe patios, it was used to construct beautiful boats because of how resilient it is. 

Many people love teak outdoor furniture for its natural aesthetic qualities that hardly ever fade and its waterproof abilities that are very handy. It competes with most other types of outdoor furniture (natural and synthetic) in the durability department, but teak isn’t called the king of hardwood for nothing.

Does teak outdoor furniture last? Here are all your answers.

Best Teak Outdoor Furniture for Durability

Modern Patio Design is your one-stop-shop for the best teak and commercial outdoor furniture We have a jaw-dropping stock of modern outdoor teak furniture that’s both durable and affordable

Before going further, here are some of our favorite pieces of outdoor teak furniture to brighten your office space, cafe, or backyard patio:

Best for Restaurant Patios: The Source Furniture Vienna 10' Highback Bench

The Source Furniture Vienna 10' Highback Bench is a game-changer for restaurant owners.Its modern design and variety of color options allow you to transform your outdoor dining area into an inviting and stylish oasis.

Whether you prefer a classic Teak or a contemporary SF Seawolf, this bench seamlessly integrates with your restaurant's theme. Its Powder Coated Aluminum Frame ensures durability, making it a wise long-term investment that keeps maintenance costs low.



Unparalleled Comfort

The bench offers unparalleled comfort with Durawood™ slats for both the seat and backrest.

Enjoyable Dining Experience

Customers can savor their meals or drinks while lounging on this comfortable seating arrangement.

Space Optimization

With a generous 10-foot width, it optimizes your restaurant's patio space without overcrowding.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Comfortable seating enhances the dining experience, leading to happier and more satisfied customers.

Key Features:

  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to move and arrange as needed
  • Weather resist ensuring its longevity
  • stack up to 4 benches for efficient storage
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood

Best for Small Spaces: The Source Furniture Vienna Picnic Table (Square)

Are you on a mission to maximize the charm of your boutique restaurant spaces while leaving a lasting impression on your clients? The Source Furniture Vienna Picnic Table (Square) is a chic square picnic table with a blend of Powder Coated Aluminum Frame and Durawood™ slats for the table top and seating. 

Available in a range of colors, from SF Seawolf to SF Blue Hawaiian River, it allows you to infuse your personal creativity into the design process.



Space Optimization

Ideal for boutique restaurants with limited space.

Intimate Dining Atmosphere

Encourages an intimate dining experience with its design.


Withstands outdoor conditions, ensuring longevity. 

Brand Customization

Customizable colors options to match business themes.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy for easy rearrangement
  • Comfortably seats 4 guests
  • Colors available for for both the frame and Durawood™ slats
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy clean and maintenance 

Best for Curb Appeal:  The Sunset West Coastal Teak X Coffee Table

We know that for successful property investors, it's the unwavering commitment to quality and curb appeal across your diverse portfolio of properties. The Sunset coffee Table is an exquisite piece that aligns perfectly with your discerning taste.

As someone who invests in a wide range of properties, this coffee table's robust construction ensures that it will hold up beautifully in various environments. 



Premium Craftsmanship

Expertly constructed from 100% solid, kiln-dried teak wood.

Unique and Rustic Aesthetic

Natural grooves and rustic features, making each piece unique.

Versatile Use

Suitable for offices, restaurants, event venues, and flats.

Scaled for American Consumers

Catering to the American consumer can give a business a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.

Key Features: 

  • Sunbrella™ fabric for cushions, ensuring long-lasting comfort
  • Commercial quality construction that meets the demands of high-traffic areas
  • Low-maintenance
  • Designed to withstand various weather conditions
  • 60" width provides flexibility in its placement

Is Teak Outdoor Furniture Durable?

Teak outdoor furniture is made using plant extracts, in this case, the most challenging hardwood - teak wood.

Tectona grandis, commonly known as Teak, is a rare hardwood tree primarily found in the rainforests of Asia, Africa, and South America.

Thanks to its unique resilience features, Teak is the best choice for outdoor furniture. Teak has minerals that protect it from absorbing moisture and discoloring.

Teak has naturally occurring oils and silica that seal it from the outside against gathering dust and water absorption.

Teak outdoor chairs and tables withstand the rain, winter snow, and scorching sun without showing signs of getting brittle.

How Long Does Teak Outdoor Furniture Last?

Teak is not called the king of hardwood for no reason. Did you know that teak outdoor furniture lasts 30 - 40 years if cared for well?

That’s right. It can grow old with you if you give it enough love.

Teak is more resilient compared to other types. It needs less maintenance, so your teak furniture serves multiple generations - if you don’t sell them. 

Even if you do, your teak tables and chairs are valuable investments because they are not easily damaged.

The cherry on this sundae is that teak patio furniture retain their original color when exposed to the elements. On the downside, your seat or table’s rich brown color fades into a striking, silver-gray patina when left untreated in the sun.

Pros and Cons of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Does teak outdoor furniture last? Yes. Outdoor teak furniture is popularly known for its durability and long-lasting natural beauty - it’s almost perfect.

Here are the main reasons to opt for teak outdoor furniture:

Advantages of Teak Outdoor Furniture

  • Teak outdoor furniture is an attractive honey-brown color that only fades slightly to a beautiful silver-gray patina, but only when left outside untreated for a prolonged duration.
  • Outdoor teak furniture is a surprisingly durable type of outdoor furniture that can last up to 40 years if well cared for and 75 years if used indoors.
  • Teak is easier to clean and look after since usinga  teak cleaner is practically DIY.
  • Thanks to silica, rubber, and natural oil, teak outdoor furniture is waterproof. This natural moisture seal, in addition to a teak sealer, makes it fully mildew and rot-resistant.
  • Teak outdoor furniture is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. You can freely style teak furniture to fit your design requirements.

Disadvantages of Teak Outdoor Furniture

On the flip side, Teak outdoor furniture also carries some cons, though they are not too heavy - metaphorically.

  • Teak outdoor furniture changes color if untreated or unsealed and left to the mercy of the elements outdoors. After multiple seasons, it morphs from a rich brown hue to a silver-gray shine.
  • Teak outdoor furniture is slightly more expensive than other types of outdoor furniture, because of its unique features that make it last a lifetime outdoors. 
  • Teak furniture is scarce since teak is a rare wood that grows selectively in a few tropical areas. In addition, the tree takes more than 24 years to mature for harvest, making it difficult to acquire.

What to Consider Before Purchasing Teak Furniture 

Now that we have established that teak outdoor furniture is the best backyard or patio investment, below are a few things to consider to land yourself the best furniture deal.

Your Budget Limits

Teak furniture is costly and can cost a few thousand dollars - because quality isn’t cheap.The prices can overwhelm some shoppers, so ensure you can comfortably afford the furniture before you settle to buy. 

Available Room

Purchase your outdoor teak furniture while considering the available space in your yard or patio to avoid returning the piece afterward, reconstructing your shed, or selling the furniture for lack of space.

Purchasing Store

Due to the scarce nature of authentic teak furniture, some stores sell substandard, generic, and fake teak wood. Always purchase your furniture from authorized retailers like Modern Patio Design to get the best quality-assured furniture.

Final Thoughts on the Durability of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Modern Patio Design brings you the best outdoor teak furniture for your home or business. Everyone loves the high-end aesthetic appeal of teak furniture, and we deliver it to you at amazing prices with great discounts (on select products). 

No matter what your furniture needs and queries are, we have you covered. Contact us or visit our online store and see for yourself.