Brand Guide: Telescope Furniture, an Industry Leader

Brand Guide: Telescope Furniture, an Industry Leader

Ancient Egyptians used to paint and carve false doors into their homes and tombs. They were added to represent a doorway to the afterlife. While this design trend is no longer around today, it clearly captures the dynamism of furniture and interior design as a whole.

This dynamism makes it difficult to follow trends in furniture and home furnishing. However, Telescope Casual, the makers of Telescope furniture, have managed to not just keep up with several design waves but even lead them.

Telescope furniture is now considered a clear industry barometer for quality, and what's even more impressive is that Telescope Casual has been able to do this for more than 100 years. In this post, we'll be getting into the best that Telescope Casual has to offer and explain the secret behind its longevity.

What Sets Telescope Furniture Apart?

Telescope Casual's design process is modular. That is, it's broken up into several units, with each unit having an intended end goal. Primarily, the designers at Telescope Casual focus on creating a comfortable design.

Telescope Casual wants to make something, like a daybed, that will feel good to sit or lie down on for prolonged periods and not just for a few minutes. At this stage, not much attention is paid to practicality. Instead, the team simply wants a design that can be expanded upon.

The specifics handled in this stage do concern build materials, but those choices aren't fully cemented until the later stages. Once a satisfactory design has been settled on, the team makes it functional.

Detail-Oriented Design

The men behind the initial comfort design stage now move on to creating a structure or frame that can adequately house everything together. For example, with the Telescope Casual Porch Swing, marine-grade polymer was used to make the outer frame.

This material is necessary for a porch swing since it will be exposed to the elements much more than a regular sofa. This is because while a sofa can be moved indoors or have a cover applied to its exterior, the same can't be said for a porch swing.

With that said, the core of this functional module is to figure out what materials are necessary to create the most durable structure for the specific design in question. 

By segmenting its design process and having a clear focus at every stage, Telescope Casual can consistently deliver innovative and quality designs. The brand has even won the 2019 and 2021 Manufacturer of the Year awards from the Casual Furnishings Association.

Maintaining Your Telescope Patio Furniture

Proper maintenance will always depend on the materials that your patio furniture is made out of rather than the brand itself. However, Telescope furniture is rather low maintenance, especially those with Sunbrella fabric. You can expect a similar cleaning process for each piece of Telescope furniture. 

Here are key tips for maintaining your Telescope patio furniture:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Begin by regularly cleaning your furniture to remove dirt, pollen, and other debris. Use a mild soap or a dedicated patio furniture cleaner with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive materials that could damage the surface.
  2. Cushion Care: If your outdoor patio seating includes cushions, follow the care instructions provided by Telescope Casual. Most cushions have removable covers that can be machine-washed. Ensure they are completely dry before placing them back on the furniture.
  3. Protective Covers: Consider using protective covers when your patio furniture is not in use. Quality covers can shield the furniture from the sun, rain, and other environmental factors, preventing premature wear and tear. Ensure the furniture is clean and dry before covering it to prevent mold or mildew growth.
  4. Metal Frame Maintenance: Telescope patio furniture often features durable metal frames, typically made of aluminum. While aluminum is resistant to rust, it's still beneficial to clean the frames periodically.

Telescope Furniture Buying Options

Telescope furniture is designed and constructed via an extensive detail-oriented process. Still, it's best to explore the many different patio furniture items that are a result of this brand's meticulous design process.

You'll find that Telescope Casual has run the gamut of outdoor lounge furniture, creating highly customizable chaise lounges and comfortable sofas as well as porch swings, which have frames that are utterly impervious to both fresh and saltwater! Let's experience the best that this brand has to offer.

Telescope Casual Helios Sling Four-Position Lay-Flat Stacking Chaise

The Telescope Casual Helios Sling Four-Position Lay-Flat Stacking Chaise is a customizable chaise piece with its upper half arranged in several ways. Whether you want to lie flat or prefer to sit up and read, this chaise lounge can accommodate you at any hour of the day.

The sling fabric that your body will be coming into contact with is quick to dry, and while there is a degree of abrasion resistance, you can easily replace it in case of any tears. The overall structure of this chaise lounge is made from a special powder-coated aluminum frame.

This frame has had its powder coat baked in; as a result, the entire structure is resistant to rust and peeling. Stainless steel was also incorporated into this chaise lounge. This durability and comfort make it the perfect companion for a patio umbrella.

Other features include:

  • Frame comes in various colors
  • Four chaise positions
  • Rust-proof exterior build

Telescope Casual Leeward 4 Piece MGP Deep Cushion Conversation Set

Do you need to redefine your patio with just one simple set? If so, then the Telescope Casual Leeward 4-piece MGP Deep Cushion Conversation Set can help you achieve this goal. Included in this set are one loveseat, two armchairs, and one coffee table.

Each piece in the set is available with Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric is known for its incredible resistance to UV-ray damage and mold, among other things. Both of the armchairs feature a rocking system that allows for smooth movement akin to gentle swaying. 

Because they can move independently of one another, you won't have to seat them next to each other. Arrange them in any way you like. The same kind of aluminum frame that was used to make the chaise lounge from before was also incorporated into each furniture piece.

The coffee table included with this set is large enough to accommodate several items on it, but it’s not so large that it becomes difficult to arrange or move. 

Other features include:

  • Extended manufacturer warranty for the frames
  • Solid colors for the fabric
  • Stainless steel hardware

Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion 3-Seat Sofa

The Telescope Casual Belle Isle Cushion 3-Seat Sofa manages to look elegant and feel comfortable, refusing to sacrifice one quality over the other. This results from Telescope Casual's modular design approach, which has served this piece well.

The armrests are arched slightly, managing to give you comfort and reliable support for your arms at the same time. The back legs and foundation of this sofa are titled downward. This slight incline is what provides ample support for your lower back.

It also allows you to settle in and enjoy the overstuffed cushions that act as both your seating arrangement and backrest. These cushions are outdoor rated, which means that should they ever get wet, you can expect them to drain quickly.

Key features include:

  • Extremely comfortable outdoor-rated cushions
  • Durable 100% powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Replaceable cushions

Telescope Casual St Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Arm Chair

The sofa we just went over earlier makes good use of the tilt in its frame, providing deep seating comfort. The Telescope Casual Catherine MGP Deep Cushion Arm Chair is an extension of that same design. This armchair features the same over-stuffed cushions from before. 

However, the armrests are not as curved. It only has a slight dip in the middle of its frame. The goal behind this design was to have a seating option that could make good use of the angled backrests while still acknowledging the natural shape of your arms. 

Instead of making your arms fit into the design, this design works hard to accommodate them. For the exterior, 100% acrylic fabric was used to make all the cushions. Acrylic fabric is special not just because of its comfort but because it was specially made to retain its color. As a result, you can count on this armchair looking pristine well into the future.

Additional features include:

  • Available in Sunbrella fabric
  • Outdoor-rated cushions that drain quickly
  • Stainless steel hardware 

Telescope Casual Porch Swing with Arm Accents

Porch swings are iconic for the cozy and easy-going look that they bring to any setting. If you want to add a bit of charm and homely appeal to any patio or outdoor space, then you'd be wise to hang up a porch swing — especially a swing like the Telescope Casual Porch Swing with Arm Accents.

However, aside from its charm, what this porch swing really excels at is its durability. To construct its outer frame, a marine-grade polymer was used. This material is special because it is completely impervious to both fresh and saltwater. It won't rot nor absorb water, regardless of how often the frame is exposed.

Other additional features include:

  • Multiple options for back cushions
  • Front and back arm attachments
  • Frame is available in many colors

Telescope Furniture for a Better Patio

Telescope Casual has built its legacy and brand on its longevity. With well over 100 years in operation and a meticulous design process, you can count on Telescope furniture to not just redefine your patio but keep it looking pristine well into the future.

If you're ready to learn more about how this brand can breathe new life into your patio or porch, then contact us. All it takes is a few minutes for our experts to help you furnish your favorite space.