Sunbrella Fabric 101: Everything You Need To Know

Sunbrella Fabric 101: Everything You Need To Know

You are damaging your image, your commercial space’s image, and losing money in the process. The culprit? Whatever patio furniture you’ve got in use within your commercial space. You see, most patio furniture is made from standard polyester.

Now, standard polyester at its very best can only last a maximum of one to two years and that’s just for the average home. Commercial office spaces and buildings receive a lot more traffic so you can expect whatever furniture you have to begin falling apart within a few months.

That is if it hasn’t begun falling apart already. There is, however, a kind of fabric that can last you up to a decade. Patio furniture made with this special fabric doesn’t fade, is stain-resistant, and even dries quickly. It’s called Sunbrella fabric and how it’s able to do this is quite extraordinary.

Sunbrella Fabric Furniture Options

Whether you’re furnishing a poolside or an office space, Sunbrella fabric is versatile enough to handle the demands of either environment. Below you’ll find some top recommendations from our collections. Keep in mind that each pick could have hidden features that we haven’t gone over before.

Forever Patio Sunbrella Outdoor Square Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are all about providing additional comfort and being aesthetically pleasing. With that said, throw pillows outfitted with Sunbrella fabric are sure to catch your eye. These Forever Patio Sunbrella Outdoor Square Throw Pillows can be added to any patio set to round out its look.

Regardless of whatever color or design option you choose for your throw pillow, you’ll be able to count on built-in mold and mildew resistance. That feature in conjunction with an entire exterior made from Sunbrella fabric makes this pillow a true all-weather outdoor cushion. 

On the inside, Dacron foam makes up the entire interior. This foam is quick to dry so in case the worst should happen and a sudden downpour occurs, you can count on this special foam to quickly dry out the throw pillow from the inside out.

With more than twenty color options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a design that fits whatever theme or mood you are going for.

Replacement Cushions for NorthCape International Wicker Deep Seating Chair

Does your commercial space already have deep seating wicker chairs? Then why not round out their durability even more by replacing their cushion with a Sunbrella Fabric Replacement Cushion? This replacement cushion was designed to slot into NorthCape International Wicker Deep Seating Chairs

It’s a thick cushion that offers six inches of Dacron foam, which as we have already gone over is quick to dry. All the great Sunbrella fabric benefits from before, including UV resistance and mold and mildew resistance make a return here.

In addition to those benefits, this Replacement Cushion for NorthCape International Wicker Deep Seating Chair includes one back and one seat cushion to deliver a full comfort-first experience. The interior of these replacement cushions is accessible via zipper. 

Maintenance is not demanding, only requiring a light mixture of water and soap to clean entirely. You get deep comfort and two cushions for the price of one.

Alfresco Home Castlewood Wicker Aluminum Conversation Group w/ Sunbrella Cushions

The Alfresco Home Castlewood Wicker Aluminum Conversation Group is an entire patio set that has everything you need to completely furnish any corner of an outdoor space. Sunbrella fabric plays a prominent role in this set by being a part of every chair and loveseat cushion.

Since the rest of the set is composed of resin wicker and aluminum frames, you won’t have to worry about harsh UV rays cracking or warping any part of this set. While the cushion fabric is entirely Sunbrella, the interior of the cushions is made up of quick-drying foam.

This foam also has special properties in its build that allow it to be mold and mildew-resistant. Both mold and mildew become big problems once spring comes around so preparing with cushions that can’t be affected by it is recommended. This is an entire set that has each piece benefit from incredible durability.

Sunset West Milano Club Chair

A good club chair should be both comfortable and stylish. It has to have a design that works to support your body without looking like it wouldn’t fit in with a more modern design. Fortunately, the Sunset West Milano Club Chair has all of those qualities. 

In fact, this club chair has more than 100 different Sunbrella fabric styles to choose from! It doesn’t matter what theme you may be going for because there is a Sunbrella fabric option that suits it to a tee.

The entire base of this club chair is made up of a subtle plastic base that won’t damage or streak your floors. The aluminum frame structure of this chair is also fully welded and resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion. It’s the perfect club chair for complimenting any style.

Sunset West Pietra Counter Stool

The last item recommended here is another Sunset West seating option. Specifically, this is the Sunset West Pietra Counter Stool. Open bars and similar venues need seating that doesn’t just look comfortable but also reliable. This stool manages to pull off this look thanks to its sturdy aluminum frame build and long legs.

Its entire structure is wrapped in a weather-resistant colorfast rope which adds yet another layer of security. Small design touches like these are spread throughout this counter stool’s design. This includes non-marking plastic glides and a scratch-resistant powder coat.

Of course, for additional protection, you could always set up a patio umbrella.

What Makes Sunbrella Fabric Special?

Sunbrella fabric is perhaps the world’s first “performance fabric.” This isn’t just a sleek marketing name, patio furniture made with Sunbrella fabric can hold its own even when experiencing constant usage.

Often, a piece of furniture or throw pillow, that has been made with standard polyester, will begin to have its color fade after a few months of heavy use. This is the first sign of degradation within standard outdoor furniture. Sunbrella fabric furniture doesn’t experience this same decline.

In fact, it can retain its color far longer than any other fabric on the market. This is because the structure of every single strand of fabric has been altered in a major way. 

That applies to all of the other benefits that Sunbrella fabric has to offer. Including:

  • Soft and comfortable to the touch.
  • High cleanability and stain resistance.
  • Long-term longevity through its mold and mildew resistance.

Sunbrella fabric more closely resembles magic than reality but it’s hard science, not magic that this fabric owes its success to. Here’s why.

The Magic Behind Performance Fabric

As mentioned earlier, the amazing color retention of Sunbrella fabrics is powered by hard science, specifically Color to the Core™ technology. In this process, each foundational fiber has been heavily saturated with color and UV-stabilized pigments.

These fibers are then spun into yarn and woven into the long-lasting fabric that’s used for patio furniture. It’s this same ingenuity that is the reason behind Sunbrella fabric’s stain resistance

By utilizing specific weaving techniques to create tight surfaces, there is less space for stains to take root. These same weaving techniques even stop mold and mildew from flourishing. 

Perhaps most astonishing is how many different ways that Sunbrella fabric is used in our collections. From throw pillows to patio tables, each varied application of Sunbrella fabric brings its own benefits.

Sunbrella Fabric Maintenance

While Sunbrella fabric is extraordinary, how can consumers ensure that it lasts? Will constant maintenance be required? Fortunately, the short answer is no. You won’t be required to constantly care for any furniture that was made with Sunbrella fabric.

It’s an independent material in that way. However, some maintenance is recommended to ensure that your Sunbrella fabric furniture lasts as long as possible. Remember, Sunbrella fabric at its best can last more than a decade!

Sunbrella fabric maintenance can be split up into the following steps/categories:

  • Regular Brushing: Occasionally brushing away any dirt or debris that gathers on the surface of your furniture is a great way of preventing dirt from settling in. It also does wonders for your guests or clients as they wouldn’t want to sit on dusty or dirty Sunset West furniture.
  • Machine Washing: An occasional machine wash would be in order. Mainly to prevent accumulated bacteria from harming any of your guests. If brushing your furniture sounds like too much of a chore, then machine washing is another great way of getting rid of dirt and grime.
  • Proper Storing in Harsh Conditions: While Sunbrella fabric will be able to stand up to most everyday weather conditions, for more extreme weather patterns, it is advised to store your furniture and outdoor daybeds.Keep them away from direct contact with the elements to prevent them from breaking down.
  • Avoiding Harsh Chemicals: You may feel inclined to use strong chemicals to clean your Sunbrella fabric furniture but this is not recommended. Thanks to Sunbrella fabric’s unique structure only a mild solution of detergent and water will be necessary.
  • Choose Sunbrella Fabric for the Best Patio Design

    Said space’s furniture gives a person the first impression of any kind of space or building. This is because we spend most of our time on furniture, either sitting in a chair or waiting at a table.

    That’s why you need to fill your commercial spaces with patio furniture that lasts and that doesn’t fade or buckle. Sunbrella fabric furniture was specially designed for this purpose: to leave a good and lasting first impression.

    But sorting through all your options can be daunting work. So why not contact us? Our experts will give you a complete idea of what your space needs in just a matter of minutes.