You Don’t Just Want to Place Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture Outside and Leave it Alone

Aug 12th 2016

Outdoor wicker furniture is made from material that traditionally comes from bamboo and reed. This durable material is used as it does rather nicely resisting the elements and looks great as well. However, you don’t just want to place your wicker patio furniture outside and leave it alone, you need to properly take care of it just like any type of furniture. Properly caring for your outdoor wicker furniture is necessary if you expect to enjoy it for years to come. Here are a few tips on how to properly care for your outdoor patio furniture.

Exposure to the harsh elements can ruin almost any type of material, even your outdoor wicker furniture. Leaving your patio furniture exposed to the sun for months on end will eventually cause it to crack or splinter and most certainly fade in time. In high humidity environments, mold and mildew can become a problem if not nipped in the bud. That said, keep your wicker furniture under protection or at least in the shade when not in use. When storing your outdoor wicker furniture for the winter, try to avoid keeping it in a damp crawl space.

Many types of food and drinks contain mild acids that can eat away at your wicker couch or wicker chair. It is best that when an accident with your shrimp cocktail or glass of wine occurs, you clean it up as soon as possible.

There is more you need to know concerning the proper way to care for your outdoor furniture. Check back soon and we will enlighten you even further.