We All Enjoy Outdoor Barbecues, We Grill Up Tasty Food and Sit on Our Tortuga Outdoor Furniture Eating, Sipping Iced Drinks and Engaging in Delightful Conversation

Aug 12th 2016

When the short, cold days of winter give way to longer, warmer days, we all can’t wait to take advantage of the pleasant weather by spending more time outdoors. This is the time of season we begin planning camping trips, hiking expeditions, trips to the swimming pool and backyard barbecues. We all enjoy outdoor barbecues, we invite our friends, grill up tasty food and sit on our Tortuga outdoor furniture eating, sipping iced drinks and engaging in delightful conversation. As it turns out, eating outside is far more than just a way to enjoy food, friends and great times, it is also good for your health. Well, unless you happen to be eating deep-fried Twinkies.

Vitamin D is a necessary nutrient that is great for your immune system, wonderful for your heart and helps prevent bone maladies. This much-needed vitamin can be found in fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and sunlight. That’s right, the sun’s UVB radiation converts a chemical in your skin into this critical and essential vitamin. So, in addition to the vitamins and nutrients you are getting through the foods you eat at your outdoor barbecue, you are also receiving much-needed vitamin D.

During the short days of winter, when daylight is precious, it is not uncommon for people to suffer from depression. Studies have shown that people who spend more time indoors tend to have higher rates of depression. So if you are spending too much time in your windowless office, then it will do you a world of good to spend more time outside soaking up that vitamin D. Basically, eating outdoors is a natural mood booster.

Do yourself a favor by making your healthy outdoor experience even better by having your barbecues on quality outdoor wicker furniture.