The Perfect Deck Needs More Than Just Outdoor Wicker Furniture for it to Thrive

Aug 12th 2016

A good deck can capture the perfect view, add a feeling of spaciousness to your home and create a comfortable outdoor room. A deck is the perfect transitional element for nearly every type of home. However, the perfect deck needs more than just outdoor wicker furniture for it to thrive. Granted, having top-quality wicker patio furniture is a fine start, but here are a few other ideas to create the perfect patio or deck.

Add a square wood lattice wall to one side of your deck or patio. Add some climbing plants and in a short while, you will have a beautiful blooming wall.

Don’t just utilize two or three colors on your deck or patio, mix it up with vibrant colors. Earth tones go great with the outdoors, but mix in some bright blues and reds to brighten your patio or deck.

A water feature, such as a fountain or a water garden, is a great way to improve your outdoor living area. The tranquil sounds of a fountain create a soothing atmosphere.

A collection of cushy and brightly colored pillows will give any outdoor space more panache. Make sure you choose pillows made for outdoor use as they are durable.

Think about your outdoor walls just like your indoor walls. Filling the blank spaces with colorful and conversational artwork is a great way to spruce up your patio or deck.

Plants around your outdoor space enhance the setting with interesting textures and colors. Just as important as the plants you choose are the pots in which they are held.

Follow these tips and your outdoor space will be a place you will never want to leave.